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/21dotco is a place for news and discussion related to 21 Inc services and products. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Qualcomm, Cisco, and Peter Thiel, 21 Inc builds infrastructure for Bitcoin, from silicon to software.


Neo is an open-source, community driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

NiceHash - buy & sell hashing power

NiceHash offers you to buy or sell hashing power directly, no contracts, no limitations, pay-as-you-go if you're a buyer and be-paid-as-you-go if you're a seller. Why bother renting rigs, when you can rent hashing power? NiceHash brings more to renters and rig owners. Visit today! Simply create order and you are already mining your favorite coin or point your rig to our stratum server and you are already earning bitcoins.

10-17 21:45 - 'Congratulations you won 0.200000 btc in Reddit annual btc giveaway to claim send 0.002 btc to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/iTziSteal removed from /r/Bitcoin within 56-66min

It’s real no fake
Congratulations you won 0.200000 btc in Reddit annual btc giveaway to claim send 0.002 btc to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Author: iTziSteal
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Announcing a 1.21 BTC Core prize purse to re-build reddit on-chain with Bitcoin Cash.

Signed message of post title: Hw5ZCH2e2rOHNBix2TuK4KvYXCNed9k9uAvtRQ9sLAk0bcoCUkbNlX6kjvxJTax2S3239ImubNkVKU1AVYZVjcA=

The basic goal is:
Complete an intuitive and user friendly MVP clone of old reddit that runs on-chain, with anarchic competitive moderation as an optional spam filter.

This solves the problems of censorship, bad UI, and significantly weakens or removes entirely all gate keepers of conversations such as moderators, admins, and spam through blockchain time-stamping and free-market opt-in moderation.
Bitcoin is in the state it is today because of censorship. The super majority of bitcoin discussion was held by one trusted member of the community, who changed their mind like flipping a switch.
Moreover, nearly all the major social media platforms are beginning censorship of one form or another. Reddit is part of the problem with the CEO seeing no issue in changing redditors negative comments about him into positive comments about him. As with raising [eliminating, really] the blocksize cap, I believe it's better to deal with this house fire while it's still small and stay ahead of the problem.
While I'm grateful that the memo protocol and are on-chain, I see a gap for the type of nuanced discussion that bitcoin development and community resilience requires. We need discussion threads. We need a spam filter that is competitive instead of centralized. We need the censorship resistance of being on-chain.
The intention is to build with the Unite protocol. The developer Ty Everett will try to be available on weekends. However, if you choose to build with a different protocol that is acceptable because I care about the outcomes not the way you achieve them.
This prize purse was made possible by a donation from Rahul Kanwar, who will receive 1 year of a banner ad on the first implementation as a thank you for funding the bare minimum to cover development.
Please apply in the comments, or ship code :)
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10-26 21:53 - 'Converting from LTC to BTC timing' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/i_made_reddit removed from /r/Bitcoin within 190-200min

Does anyone have any advice on the best strategy for converting some LTC to BTC? My portfolio is heavier on the LTC side, and everything I've heard about the coin sounds stagnant. This is all on a hard wallet.
Since BTC just shot up at a higher ratio than LTC, is there a good way to know if the conversion rate gets to a more appealing point short of manually tracking it?
Converting from LTC to BTC timing
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10-18 05:23 - 'A 1.21 BTC prize purse to re-build reddit on-chain with Bitcoin.' ( by /u/FuckShitCuntFaggot removed from /r/Bitcoin within 19-29min

A 1.21 BTC prize purse to re-build reddit on-chain with Bitcoin.
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Author: FuckShitCuntFaggot
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#crypto #cryptonews #bitcoin @nocroom #Announcing a 1.21 BTC Core prize purse to re-build reddit on-chain with Bitcoin Cash.

#crypto #cryptonews #bitcoin @nocroom #Announcing a 1.21 BTC Core prize purse to re-build reddit on-chain with Bitcoin Cash. submitted by PooPoster1 to Cryptoandme [link] [comments]

About 21% of the bitcoiners on reddit are at r/btc! :-)

Right now there is 128 users over at our very own /btc, around 41 at /bitcoinxt and only 439 at the old and censored /bitcoin.
Slowly but surely, we're becoming the go-to place for the latest bitcoin news and discussion. Let's keep this the most inviting place there is!
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12-21 19:43 - 'That question is not to answer here. Is more about individual learning... Reddit and in special this sub is heavily watched. Why we have to give all the info for free to "those eyes" ?' by /u/BTC_Forever removed from /r/Bitcoin within 3-13min

That question is not to answer here. Is more about individual learning... Reddit and in special this sub is heavily watched. Why we have to give all the info for free to "those eyes" ?
Context Link
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Author: BTC_Forever
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: HOWTO: Verify you own 1 BTC or more /r/21_million_club

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04-21 08:33 - 'Just got hacked out of 99.9995 BTC into different bc1 addresses. Can reddit use their investigative magic?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Huge_Translator removed from /r/Bitcoin within 228-238min


To prove I am not doing this for karma, I adivse you all to downvote my as much as possible. I don't want you condolences, I want advice now.

I am in shambles and I want to kill myself right now. I use a Ledger Nano S This is my everything. Emotion aside:
I just got hacked and my 100 BTC was just split up into bc1 addresses like so bc1qvd2x95su483mgpxx8nlchx3scnu25rgpfnwdr9 5 BTC bc1qr6rcqa4tk44k5456e7hfnhgl9lykxjw7hg0qzz 5 BTC bc1qp3mhfpe8jqwgjv73xjjmpz93tnukpqdc9ngjvn 5 BTC bc1q0uzd88lf5dkwcvqumvv3tgkna9xe7a5enz8alr 5 BTC bc1qsyeyv0wfx4v3zhs49h0cpzy8ck0923wkltnndw 5 BTC bc1qudadz9sdu4sv44syle5eclahtr3ucryryxgs2f 4.40341444 BTC bc1qyr2q0f4tzhm8evke29ex52lqvpme89xl44k28j 5 BTC bc1q9lu4xqtrg8lnrv7k85cadp6w9lsqdpas6nf75d 5 BTC bc1qjpwf7t3gkyedaz2zkq8wae5axwgstzssffu4pp 5 BTC bc1qx84ylwy99kykupngyavlxacv4krzsw67gfw45n 5 BTC bc1q3nrmvhtd8c6jec5qcfpc8e23h86zqkq9hkt6kn 5 BTC bc1q63u4sea0e8frfhk0p5rwpw0spmp2ukg5gk4agw 5 BTC bc1qlghfugkv3ad6yag9n7wdlwcj04cqd69f45re6g 5 BTC bc1qvgalwgz8g46wf54pmt2v60ckdxrckgg8j4ze6k 5 BTC 198CYLvN5biDKfNHp4MaijmXzScN9SE6Ud 10.596 BTC bc1qvtxlzkrdhun4qkl0n7ryqyx8uea6544pxt800m 5 BTC bc1q7cr2kvev36wh8fm9e8ed7rp2xelug0yzhg96g3 5 BTC bc1quekp3p0g7cfehlefr7u6vehhfgxt6z8rrnvztc 5 BTC bc1q3etgs22flp74mkh4wg3lrn288sekm2yu95v6fu 5 BTC
I won't reveal my address for privacy but what do I do now? Do I get a lawyer and who do I sue.

Do the bc1 addresses give a clue? Who uses bc1 addresses in such cases? Is this a mixer to obfuscate my coins? Blockchain info does not let me look into these bc1 addresses, encryption?

EDIT 2 some user pointed an outlier 198CYLvN5biDKfNHp4MaijmXzScN9SE6Ud is it possible this address was used in the process of scamming?

Just got hacked out of 99.9995 BTC into different bc1 addresses. Can reddit use their investigative magic?
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Author: Huge_Translator
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12-23 21:23 - 'The PineApple fund posted an update. But not here, they posted it on /r/btc' ( by /u/m4r1vs removed from /r/Bitcoin within 89-99min

The PineApple fund posted an update. But not here, they posted it on /btc
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Author: m4r1vs
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12-21 12:12 - 'Crack Elektrum, BTC Core wallet + ZIP and RAR passwords.' ( by /u/Drotika removed from /r/Bitcoin within 6-16min

Crack Elektrum, BTC Core wallet + ZIP and RAR passwords.
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Author: Drotika
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12-21 04:42 - 'WARNING: the /r/lightningnetwork subreddit is a fake created by a BCash fan (/u/JCFY) who only posts in /r/btc and hates Bitcoin & LN, to spread FUD. Join the new sub by clicking (/r/TheLightningNetwork)!' ( by /u/revcback removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-5min

WARNING: the /lightningnetwork subreddit is a fake created by a BCash fan (JCFY) who only posts in /btc and hates Bitcoin & LN, to spread FUD. Join the new sub by clicking (/TheLightningNetwork)!
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Author: revcback
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11-21 08:22 - 'Hey Reddit CEO, r/btc is running a scam against your guidelines.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/101111 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 30-40min

btc is a front for a commercial operation,, who are scamming people into buying "Bitcoin Cash", their alternative to Bitcoin.
Please upvote for visibility.
Hey Reddit CEO, btc is running a scam against your guidelines.
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Author: 101111
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: 11-04 21:33 - '**Bitcoin fork & Bitcoin Gold assignment activation for BTC owners - activation for 0.005BTC only.** If you own BTC and still have not received Bitcoin Gold (in the same amount) as /r/removalbot

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: 11-04 21:33 - '**Bitcoin fork & Bitcoin Gold assignment activation for BTC owners - activation for 0.005BTC only.** If you own BTC and still have not received Bitcoin Gold (in the same amount) as /removalbot submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

11-21 16:33 - 'Evidence that the mods of /r/Bitcoin may have been involved with the hacking and vote manipulation "attack" on /r/Bitcoin. • r/btc • r/conspiracy' ( by /u/kybarnet removed from /r/Bitcoin within 5-15min

Evidence that the mods of /Bitcoin may have been involved with the hacking and vote manipulation "attack" on /Bitcoin. • btc • conspiracy
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Author: kybarnet
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08-25 21:42 - 'The 'ANTIFA' of Bitcoin world (/r/btc community) openly discussing how to spam Bitcoin chain on top of their subreddit' ( by /u/metalzip removed from /r/Bitcoin within 46-56min

The 'ANTIFA' of Bitcoin world (/btc community) openly discussing how to spam Bitcoin chain on top of their subreddit
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Author: metalzip
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05-21 13:22 - 'Get 50GHS of BTC mining for free. Just stumbled across this limited time offer' ( by /u/markwilliamssinclair removed from /r/Bitcoin within 5-15min

Get 50GHS of BTC mining for free. Just stumbled across this limited time offer
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Author: markwilliamssinclair
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03-02 21:28 - 'Why I'm resigning as a 'moderator' of /r/btc' ( by /u/2-bit-tipper removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-5min

Why I'm resigning as a 'moderator' of /btc
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Author: 2-bit-tipper
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About 21% of the bitcoiners on reddit are at r/btc! :-) /r/btc

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How is your passive income from Crypto going in 2020? So far I have made around $11k plus from approximately 13 or so sources. Details below.

I remember in 2017 there were epic stories of people making fortunes from free crypto-giveaways – for example, the nano faucet gave people fantastic wealth if they held on all year. Then there were things like the various bitcoin forks – great if you cashed in.
Now in 2020 there seems to be another uptrend in terms of the ability to get “free crypto” – in various ways. Overtime this can build up to quite a lot.
This year I have:
  1. Coinbase earn – I’ve done almost all of these and have had a few referrals. I think I earned maybe $200 or so all up, cashed in BTC, and that BTC is probably around $400
  2. Reddit moons – I have earned 3100 moons, sold for roughly $220
  3. Uniswap – My free 400 tokens are still held, so they are worth maybe $1200
  4. Binance Coin – lots of staking and lottery compensation payments here – for example, I recently sold my Flamingo, Venus and Alpha tokens – maybe $30;
  5. Hex – Yes I know it’s a scam, but I think I bit have a decent little payout in a month when my 90% locked tokens open (won’t say how much as that will reveal my BTC wallet holdings);
  6. Swissborg – A fun little “guess the bitcoin app” that has $50 worth of tokens in it now;
  7. Brave Browser – I’ve earned like $20 from that this year (insert: “Its not much but its honest work gif”);
  8. Uniswap Pools etc – Hard to calculate this one but I’m earning some really great fees and Uni from pooling WBTC and WETH – about 0.5% return a week. Was also previously staking Uni / ETH - I made $1000 in fees but mostly gobbled up by impermanent loss.
  9. Honeyswap – Every 48 hours, I log-in to get free honey from the faucet – around $40 or so;
  10. Survey – I did a phone survey for a local project and got given $100 of free tokens;
  11. Livepeer – No idea what this is but I sold two airdrops for around $20;
  12. Nexus Mutual – Probably the king here. Invested $1200 worth. Received a 58% dividend on the first day of staking (say $700) which I reinvested. That $700 is now $8000 or something ridiculous (and itself earning rewards), plus another 13 NXM (So another $416 on top).
  13. And then lots of rats and mice rewards from things like staking Celsius, staking Tezos referral rewards etc. I even have 3000 of that damn Pi coin thing but don’t know where that is going.
  14. And to top it off a free ledger nano for participation in a private group on FB
  15. (EDIT: I forgot to mention I am currently winning a "pick four" crypto competition that I entered in January where you pick four cryptos and the winner takes the pot. I picked BTC, FTX, SNX and CEL - so that might be another $200 to add to my collection!)
So in all, that is an entire bitcoin just for doing a bunch of crazy stuff. Who said it was difficult to join the 21 million club?
So for some people that might be considered a decent pay package for a full time job! What other opportunities do you guys have where you have passive income coming from crypto? Am I missing any obvious ones here?
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Weekly update. 437 BTC were traded using LocalBitcoin last week,trading Bs. /BTC and BTC/Bs. (Bolivares, Venezuelan "official" currency, ISO VES). These 437 BTC were 1,852,000,000,000 Bs. One BTC is around 4,600,000,000 Bs. Monthly minimum wage is less 2 USD. PhD uni professor earns 4 USD monthly.

Hi guys, wanted to updated last week numbers.
This is only measured in BTC and LocalBitcoins. There are other exchanges that accept Bolivares like Binance and Airtm but I think they dont have a open API. Paxful stoped working here a few weeks ago.
And remember, two years ago 5 zeroes were deleted from the currency. So the price of the BTC would be 460,000,000,000,000 "old" Bs.
September will closed with around USD 20,000,000 (around 2000 BTC) traded with LocalBitcoin
Here are more stats
Monthly minimum wage is 800,000 Bs. one USD is around 440,000 Bs. So that is where the 2 USD monthly comes. These 800,000 Bs. already include a cash food bonus.
Moons, tips and work by reddits have helped me so much!
Some people insist that minimum monthly wage is not real, but it is. I have relatives that are public workers and earn that. Some with studies and time working could reach 20 minimum wages according to the tables, that would be anyway under 50 USD monthly.
Private companies, well a little more. A cashier in a supermarket could earn around 50 USD monthly.
The Venezuela College of Engineers, has a table for the recomended wages. The minimum wage they propose for a engineer without any experiencie is 90,000,000 Bs. / monthly, which is around 200 USD. And... good luck finding a place that pays that
One professor with PhD, national science award and 21 years teaching earns less than 4 USD monthly. You can see the testimony here (I think you have the option to trasnlate the tweet)
The average income of Venezuelan is 0.72 USD daily (2020 numbers), so we are talking around 20 USD monthly, and that is an AVERAGE with all that means.
Any question let me know, AMA. But check my links and sources first.
LBTC listings
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The underrated stock survey! Submit your picks for the community to track

Following on the previous tracking post ( and the highly upvoted request from DJ-Ascii , I've set up this post for another round of underrated or undervalued stock picks.
As before, let us know what stock you believe is underrated and a consistent winner that has done well for you, or you believe will do well going forward.
In order to make this easier to track please use the following guidelines for submitting.
  1. Only one submission per comment. You can make multiple comments, but please only submit one stock per comment.
  2. Please include at least the ticker and the company name. Feel free to explain why you think this is a good stock.
I'll add these new picks alongside the old survey so as to update you on each portfolio over time. Don't worry about any overlaps.
Edit 1: I've compiled everyone who has posted so far, but I'll look out for any final additions tomorrow. The list will then be locked EOD on Friday the 7th of August, and all prices will start from there.
Edit 2: All picks have now been locked down and consolidated into the list below. Stocks are sorted in alphabetical order of their company name and the ID corresponds to the approximate order in which they were submitted. The next update will be in 30 days.
ID Company Symbol Provided by Upvotes 8/7/2020
194 10X Genomics Inc TXG Unlucky-Prize 1 $96.13
176 2U Inc TWOU DickDaddy 1 $41.49
110 AAR Corp. AIR paulo92834 4 $18.77
180 ACM Research Inc ACMR moveitover 1 $101.92
23 Activision Blizzard, Inc. ATVI Mondanivalo 12 $82.47
8 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD ArneGo, apqwer, LoveOfProfit 13 $84.85
28 Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc UAVS fishkillr 16 $3.26
205 Agraflora Organics International Inc AGRA spreeshark 1 $0.05
22 Air Canada TSE:AC priamXus 0 $15.73
19 Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ALXN fisk47 39 $103.28
70 Alibaba Group Holding Ltd - ADR BABA helio987, ScreeMart, Necessary_Club_6714 -1 $252.10
17 Ally Financial Inc ALLY jcurtis44 1 $21.47
24 Alteryx Inc AYX Kme2 30 $121.38
222 Altimmune Inc ALT Spes-Caritas 1 $27.38
117 Altria Group Inc MO ARGENT_UM_PUR, gm14202 1 $42.17
143 American Tower Corp AMT editviewgo 1 $257.61
175 American Water Works Company Inc AWK InfamousLegato 1 $149.79
183 Anglo Asian Mining LON:AAZ krenaldi1 1 $161.50
129 Aphria Inc APHA Aprhria, Bdghablig 1 $4.47
119 Apple Inc. AAPL tcldstnvdw -1 $444.45
184 Ares Capital Corporation ARCC ThemChecks 1 $14.87
54 ASML Holding NV ASML EthosPathosLegos, earthmoonsun 15 $366.07
113 Atlassian Corporation PLC TEAM shadowrckts 1 $170.93
224 Avalara Inc AVLR nomdeplume_alias 1 $122.71
244 Axon Enterprise Inc AAXN ansofteng 1 $83.88
150 Aytu Bioscience Inc AYTU Bkzkilla2, beefy-ambulance, subaruveganguy22 2 $1.38
236 Banco Bbva Argentina SA BBAR GAV17 1 $4.23
128 Bank of America Corp BAC oobydoobydoobydoo, wrs97 2 $26.11
247 BELLUS Health Inc BLU NhatNguyen2112 1 $2.74
29 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B BRK.B Jeroen_Jrn, Cuza 31 $209.48
45 Best Buy Co Inc BBY 1madeamistake 2 $102.90
35 Beyond Meat Inc BYND Kreisensalat, Flipside 8 $131.51
33 BlackBerry Ltd BB mh1t, EthosPathosLegos 25 $4.84
208 Blackline Inc BL veebeew 2 $79.26
196 Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation BAH i_smel_hookers 1 $84.67
75 Boston Beer Company Inc SAM Top_Island 2 $825.79
114 Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc BCLI BigSexyTolo 2 $12.79
92 Brookfield Asset Management Inc BAM duongroi, Avaronah 2 $32.32
187 Brookfield Property Partners LP Unit BPY Onarco 1 $11.75
140 Brookfield Renewable Partners LP BEP YourPineapplePunch 1 $45.25
227 Cameco Corp CCJ jh4962772, Commandobolt, 3STmotivation 13 $10.37
109 Canadian Solar Inc. CSIQ MrMineHeads, vvv561 6 $25.32
204 Cardlytics Inc CDLX whossayn, YarManYak 2 $66.28
146 CBS Corporation Common Stock VIAC 1987supertramp 1 $26.21
74 CD PROJEKT S A/ADR OTGLY Thtb 8 $28.50
229 CDW common stock CDW plorfu 1 $114.77
95 CEL-SCI Corporation CVM Golden_Pineapple 1 $12.19
242 Chegg Inc CHGG Boots2243 1 $86.98
36 Cloudflare Inc NET thereisnospoongeek, olliemacg, Boots2243 220 $40.06
246 Coty Inc COTY NhatNguyen2112 1 $4.00
209 Cresco Labs Inc CRLBF UncleSlippyFist 1 $6.28
3 Crispr Therapeutics AG CRSP emtvaikkajoku 98 $89.81
142 Crown Castle International Corp CCI jkgator 1 $168.19
16 CureVac Pending IPO Tangerinho 8 #N/A
223 CVS Health Corp CVS handsomeandsmart_ 2 $64.96
65 Cyberark Software Ltd CYBR Kevenam 2 $110.59
239 CytoDyn Inc CYDY dufmum 1 $4.79
165 Daqo New Energy Corp DQ stonk_daddy 1 $122.55
241 DexCom, Inc. DXCM InformalAid 1 $440.70
6 Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc DRNA earthmoonsun 7 $21.03
73 Digital Turbine Inc APPS toop4 6 $22.59
130 Docusign Inc DOCU h3ku, Teach-101 0 $204.76
185 Draftkings Inc DKNG boomshalock 1 $34.09
39 Drive Shack Inc DS Bobjenkins97 2 $1.65
4 Editas Medicine Inc EDIT earthmoonsun 7 $34.71
145 Edwards Lifesciences Corp EW TheTubbyOlive 1 $76.94
139 EHang Holdings Ltd - ADR EH TheEUR0PEAN 1 $9.21
230 Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp SOLO IHaveUsernameBlock 1 $3.07
118 Elevate Credit Inc ELVT ScoreFuture 1 $2.58
218 Else Nutrition Holdings Inc BABYF PringlesAreUs 1 $1.36
85 Empire State Realty Trust Inc ESRT silverpaw1786 4 $6.66
21 Enphase Energy Inc ENPH deGoblin 31 $72.84
197 Equinix Inc EQIX gce1010 3 $791.70
86 Essent Group Ltd ESNT veggie-man 1 $35.82
235 Etsy Inc ETSY PeskyShart 1 $135.06
84 Fastly Inc FSLY AwesomeMathUse 3 $79.33
93 Federal National Mortgage Association FNMA figbuilding, onkel_axel 2 $2.12
168 Fire & Flower Holdings Corp TSE:FAF tobcar 1 $1.01
207 First Mining Gold Corp FFMGF RecCenterBall 0 $0.41
219 FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR zerokarma 1 $37.48
52 Fluor Corporation (NEW) FLR lost_searching 2 $11.38
90 FORUM MERGER II/SH CL A FMCI Mug_of_coffee 3 $14.53
81 Franco Nevada Corp FNV AwesomeMathUse 1 $153.57
155 FuelCell Energy Inc FCEL i-kno-nothing, dewaser 2 $2.68
98 Games Workshop Group PLC OTCMKTS:GMWKF MAUSECOP, Thenattylimit 2 $120.95
115 GameStop Corp. GME EmployerOfTheMonth 2 $4.16
200 Gan Ltd GAN emcdeezy22 2 $20.29
159 General Motors Company GM Buttershine_Beta -1 $26.72
251 Genius Brands International Inc GNUS due11 1 $1.59
156 GFL Environmental Inc GFL lenadunhamsbutthole 1 $21.56
99 Gilead Sciences, Inc. GILD Leroy--Brown 1 $69.35
138 GLB X FUNDS/HEALTH & WELLNESS T BFIT Venhuizer 2 $20.69
186 Golden Minerals Co AUMN YEEEEEAAAAA 1 $0.44
151 Gran Colombia Gold Corp TSE:GCM Linnake 0 $7.46
67 Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (Btc) GBTC asherlevi 2 $13.06
234 Great Panther Mining Ltd GPL Tony0x01 1 $0.93
152 H&R Real Estate Investment Trust HR.UN CaptainCanuck93 0 $10.34
122 Helen of Troy Limited HELE aa341 1 $201.26
55 Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc HKMPF Marvins-Room 1 $31.08
20 Horizon Therapeutics PLC HZNP thesearchforanswer 3 $76.06
103 Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc HII howtoreadspaghetti 1 $167.90
9 IAC/Interactivecorp IAC dvdmovie1 36 $133.05
61 Ibio Inc IBIO PrairieDogger69 1 $3.80
101 Immunovia AB (publ) IMMNOV jennyther 3 $161.60
108 Ingles Markets, Incorporated IMKTA kimjungoon 1 $42.97
77 Inmode Ltd INMD meta-cognizant, craneman813 4 $31.77
123 Innovative Industrial Properties Inc IIPR Dalis_Ktm 1 $114.63
201 Inseego Corp INSG esoccer141414 1 $12.08
214 Inspire Medical Systems Inc INSP JPINFV2 1 $104.92
134 Intel Corporation INTC ionlypwn, TitanCrasher54, niknikniknikniknik1 5 $48.03
5 Intellia Therapeutics Inc NTLA earthmoonsun 7 $19.83
164 Intuitive Surgical, Inc. ISRG swalloforswallo 2 $685.85
71 InVitae Corp NVTA emtvaikkajoku, CrackHeadRodeo 6 $28.43
112 John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. JBSS chris011186 2 $89.24
171 JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM wrs97 1 $99.38
58 Jumia Technologies AG - ADR JMIA Jerund, souptrades, 7YearOldCodPlayer, CharlieBrown364, fortnitehead 7 $19.26
144 Kaleyra Inc KLR souptrades 1 $5.87
158 KEFI Minerals plc LON:KEFI Scipio-Africannabis- 1 $1.88
216 Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd KL Newusername 1 $52.58
238 Kroger Co KR bxkrish 1 $35.24
2 Lemonade Inc LMND br1ghtness, skkreet, hahadumblloyd 4 $66.84
15 Limelight Networks, Inc. LLNW cyberdex, thug_funnie 3 $6.10
63 Livongo Health Inc LVGO staniel_diverson, Raybay192, Drifter 1996, moveitover 22 $120.88
182 Logitech International SA LOGI CharlieBrown364 1 $73.03
217 LONZA GRP AG/ADR LZAGY Fuck512 1 $62.92
66 Lydall, Inc. LDL Henisockle 1 $20.89
191 Macerich Co MAC skvettlappen 1 $7.85
97 Magnachip Semiconductor Corp MX samtony234 1 $12.08
233 Mamamancini's Holdings Inc MMMB Jayesslee 1 $1.70
88 Match Group Inc MTCH BallinLikeImKobe24 1 $115.88
79 Maverix Metals Inc MMX AwesomeMathUse 1 $4.61
107 Maxar Technologies Inc MAXR Borne2Run 1 $24.74
221 Mediwound Ltd MDWD blueblade408 1 $3.91
34 Mercadolibre Inc MELI pontoumporcento 14 $1,193.97
161 Micron Technology, Inc. MU Wexoch 3 $48.75
253 Microsoft Corporation MSFT TBSchemer 34 $212.48
179 Millicom International Cellular SA(SWE) STO:TIGO-SDB joseph460 1 $245.50
116 Mills Music Trust Unit OTCMKTS:MMTRS ARGENT_UM_PUR 1 $39.00
10 Molson Coors Beverage Co Class B TAP howtoreadspaghetti 1 $37.27
170 Morgan Stanley MS wrs97 1 $50.35
127 Naspers Limited NPSNY Demandredz 1 $34.60
11 Nathan's Famous, Inc. NATH howtoreadspaghetti 1 $51.25
181 NCR Corporation NCR IAMBEOWULFF, fistymonkey1337 4 $20.11
211 NESTLE S A/S ADR NSRGY suburban_robot 1 $118.47
124 New Relic Inc NEWR Dalis_Ktm 1 $53.62
249 New York Mortgage Trust Inc NYMT ToKeepAndToHoldForev 1 $2.77
162 New York Times Co NYT jonhuang 1 $45.61
69 Nio Inc - ADR NIO makesalotofmoney, Carrera_GT, Charlie Brown364 3 $13.42
59 Nokia Oyj NOK perfectriot, LiabilityFree 52 $4.98
37 Novacyt SA ALNOV Snoopmatt 1 $3.60
254 Nuance Communications Inc. NUAN IwantmyMTZ 1 $29.48
13 NVIDIA Corporation NVDA TBSchemer, friedtea15 66 $447.98
198 NVR, Inc. NVR Linnake 1 $3,875.01
154 Okta Inc OKTA Bcr731 3 $208.23
160 Opko Health Inc. OPK CS1026 1 $5.63
100 ORSTED A/S/ADR DNNGY BrentfordFC21 2 $47.37
190 Otonomy Inc OTIC Unlucky-Prize 1 $3.56
46 Oxford BioMedica plc OXB arabidopsis 12 $850.00
121 Pacific Ethanol Inc PEIX adamtejot 1 $2.69
220 Pagerduty Inc PD throthrowth 2 $29.85
25 Pan African Resources plc PAF Fruity_Pineapple 2 $26.30
245 Paradox Interactive AB (publ) OTCMKTS:PRXXF I_worship_odin 1 $24.30
174 Patriot One Technologies Inc PTOTF DanReynolds 1 $0.73
148 Peabody Energy Corporation BTU aviatoraway1 0 $2.52
237 Peloton Interactive Inc PTON loosetingles 1 $68.30
188 Penn National Gaming, Inc PENN Calpool 1 $49.00
87 Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, Ltd NYSE:PSTH-UN 5_yr_lurker 7 $21.08
31 Pharmacyte Biotech Inc PMCB DillieTheSquid 0 $0.01
47 Pinterest Inc PINS EthanPhan 10 $34.98
149 Planet 13 Holdings Inc PLNHF MMatter1 3 $2.67
43 Plug Power Inc PLUG lukwas_ 4 $11.28
147 Polaris Infrastructure Inc RAMPF CaptainCanuck93 1 $11.50
120 Prologis Inc PLD ImPinkSnail 5 $105.07
250 PROSHARES TULTRA MSCI JAPAN EZJ Necessary_Club_6714 1 $32.13
132 PROSHARES TULTRAPRO QQQ TQQQ iggy555, Guiterrezjm6 5 $126.99
48 Proto Labs Inc PRLB JEesSs 3 $130.13
166 Purple Innovation Inc PRPL jloy88, CharlieBrown364, RemiMartin 6 $23.95
44 Raytheon Technologies Corp RTX anon2019L 21 $61.23
210 Razer Inc RAZFF ThatOneRedditBro 1 $0.22
32 Realty Income Corp O bushysmalls 5 $62.72
199 Redfin Corp RDFN shreddit47 8 $43.69
206 RENAULT S A/ADR RNLSY jw8700 1 $5.33
178 Retractable Technologies, Inc. RVP EmreCanPuns 1 $10.18
94 Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. RIGL Gay_Demons 1 $2.58
203 Rite Aid Corporation RAD ManagerMilkshake 1 $15.05
12 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. RMCF howtoreadspaghetti 1 $3.20
163 Schrodinger Inc SDGR TipasaNuptials, asianmarysue, RattleGoreBitcoin 1 $71.17
72 Sea Ltd SE scatterblodded, tradeintel828384839, thug_funnie, Meymo 16 $129.00
215 ServiceNow Inc NOW cookingboy 1 $431.21
189 Shiloh Industries, Inc. SHLO brainbroked 1 $1.40
82 Shopify Inc SHOP AwesomeMathUse -1 $1,053.12
213 Sibanye Stillwater Ltd SBSW marqui4me 1 $11.39
231 Simulations Plus, Inc. SLP hellohi3 1 $65.83
173 SiTime Corp SITM drbh_ 1 $58.92
248 Six Flags Entertainment Corp SIX EthosPathosLegos 1 $18.38
202 Slack Technologies Inc WORK AntwanDixon_ 2 $28.95
51 SmileDirectClub Inc SDC meeni131 3 $9.05
49 Solaredge Technologies Inc SEDG m4r1vs 14 $211.47
27 Sony Corp SNE drorhac 13 $80.03
177 Sorrento Therapeutics Inc SRNE DowJonesLocker 1 $14.42
225 SPARTAN ENERGY /SH SPAQ bigsexy12 1 $12.36
40 Spirit Airlines Incorporated SAVE Matous_Palecek 0 $17.28
153 Spotify Technology SA SPOT _Hard4Jesus 0 $252.12
7 Square Inc SQ cuti95, ConstructivePlayer, Lfastrsx, jercky, CharlieBrown364 21 $147.22
1 StoneCo Ltd STNE GromGrommeta 73 $49.06
104 SunPower Corporation SPWR Hadouukken 1 $11.86
60 Sunrun Inc RUN FactualNeutronStar 2 $46.00
195 Switch Inc SWCH gce1010 1 $18.03
83 Taal Distributed Information Techs Inc TAAL AwesomeMathUse 1 $1.85
76 Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. TSM Paks_12345, sogladatwork, BlissfulThinkr 13 $80.03
102 Tandem Diabetes Care Inc TNDM liao24 1 $104.15
169 Target Corporation TGT Kosher-Bacon 1 $131.75
26 Tesla Inc TSLA Skurinator, goldcakes, redmars1234, Drortmeyer2017 3 $1,452.71
137 TJX Companies Inc TJX princess-smartypants 3 $55.45
18 Toronto-Dominion Bank TD robbierox123 0 $45.77
141 TPI Composites Inc TPIC polwas 1 $28.81
53 Trade Desk Inc TTD all_hail_hypno, Kay312010 6 $493.20
106 TransMedics Group Inc TMDX DropoutEngy 1 $18.05
131 TransUnion TRU AndyCircus 0 $87.38
78 Travelcenters of America Inc TA jk_tilt 1 $17.27
226 Trevena Inc TRVN pacosteles 1 $2.38
243 Trulieve Cannabis Corp TCNNF grphelps1, Cucumber_Cooling 2 $18.83
38 Tupperware Brands Corporation TUP Scumbaggedfriends 1 $14.98
68 Turtle Beach Corp HEAR chancsc11 1 $18.37
62 Twilio Inc TWLO MarconianRex 8 $249.00
41 Uber Technologies Inc Uber DukeBD2021 -1 $32.90
96 Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield SE URW eams66 2 $42.44
125 Universal Display Corporation OLED niknikniknikniknik1 1 $186.51
64 Valero Energy Corporation VLO chickenandcheesefart 1 $52.66
133 Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares VTSAX WackyBeachJustice 1 $82.67
135 Veeva Systems Inc VEEV JohnSpartans 3 $261.22
193 Ventas, Inc. VTR Unlucky-Prize 1 $41.52
57 VirnetX Holding Corporation VHC vyts18 2 $5.26
172 VMware, Inc. VMW kingbrow2020 1 $142.31
50 VolitionRX Ltd VNRX RiDDDiK1337 1 $3.35
91 Waitr Holdings Inc WTRH exstaticj 1 $5.15
14 Walker & Dunlop, Inc. WD TBSchemer 0 $57.70
167 Walmart Inc WMT anthonyjh21 6 $129.97
30 Walt Disney Co DIS jadenmc2189, biz_student 6 $129.93
192 WELL Health Technologies Corp TSE:WELL Unlucky-Prize, IcemanVish 2 $4.49
105 Wells Fargo & Co WFC yehdhbdjdjd 1 $25.07
240 Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp WAB warman506 1 $67.23
42 Wizz Air Holdings PLC WIZZ Matous_Palecek 2 $3,412.00
157 Workhorse Group Inc WKHS VisionsDB 5 $16.52
89 Xebec Adsorption Inc. XBC Mug_of_coffee 3 $4.95
232 Xpel Inc XPEL Bkazzle 1 $20.06
212 Yeti Holdings Inc YETI boomwhackers 1 $50.40
136 Zagg Inc ZAGG ni_shi_shei 2 $3.98
56 Zoetis Inc ZTS BearBearChooey 19 $158.88
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Bitcoin Daily View 01-15-2020 Bitcoin Launch/Buy levels ... BITCOIN Retest of $3.8K THIS WEEK?! WARNING LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency News r/bitcoin The only real innovation of blockchain is bitcoin ( r/Bitcoin  Reddit ) Poor banks, BTC’s success is inevitable ( r/Bitcoin  Reddit )

Was sind Bitcoin Lending-Plattformen? BTC Lending-Plattformen sind Webseiten, die als Vermittler zwischen Geldgeber und Kreditnehmer fungieren. Wie beim normalen Banking auch, zahlt der Kreditnehmer für die geliehenen Bitcoins einen bestimmten Zinssatz an den Geldgeber..Da das Verleihen von Geld eine Transaktion zwischen zwei Personen ist (P2P, Peer-to-Peer oder auch Person-zu-Person ... Satte zwei Milliarden Reddit-Posts hat der Datenanalyst Sam Smith durchwälzt, um einen Zusammenhang zwischen Bitcoin-Erwähnungen und Bewegungen beim Bitcoin-Kurs zu erforschen. Dazu verwendete der Analyst den Datenmarktplatz des Internet-Riesen Google, Google BigQueries. Dort fand Smith eine Datenbank aller jemals veröffentlichten Reddit-Posts bis einschließlich September 2019. Nachdem er ... Bitcoin (BTC) The current Bitcoin price is $12,696.09 with a 24-hour trading volume of $27.21B. BTC price is up 6.81% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin all-time high is $19,665.39 This ATH was reached on Dec 16, 2017.Bitcoin price needs to rise 54.89% to reach a new all-time-high.It has a circulating supply of 18.52M BTC with a total supply of 21.00M BTC. Bitcoin Core is the backbone of the Bitcoin network. Almost all Bitcoin wallets rely on Bitcoin Core in one way or another. If you have a fairly powerful computer that is almost always online, you can help the network by running Bitcoin Core. You can also use Bitcoin Core as a very secure Bitcoin wallet. Some things are headlines, even if they don’t seem significant at first glance. An age-old expression amongst many is something that can be even “better than sex,” and many a Bitcoin hodler would feel this if Bitcoin sees a massive bull run, as well as mass adoption. It seems that a lot of the world […]

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Bitcoin Daily View 01-15-2020 Bitcoin Launch/Buy levels ...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more! Watch the video to learn more ... Poor banks, BTC’s success is inevitable ( r/Bitcoin Reddit ) subreddit: r/Bitcoin BTCbrain's Reddit Playlist: The only real innovation of blockchain is bitcoin ( r/Bitcoin Reddit ) subreddit: r/Bitcoin ☕ If you appreciate my work and would like to buy me a cup of coffee, feel free to do so here: https ... Unlock non spendable watch only address & how to get the private key generating software Let's check out what the redditers are saying about bitcoin this week. WOW!!! BITCOIN is EXPLODING RIGHT NOW!!! LET THE BITCOIN BULL RUN BEGIN!!! 🚀 🔶 Join ByBit Exchange 👉 📺 ByBit Tutorial: https://youtu ...