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Why people should use Bitcoin - Hidden benefits

Many people do not make the direct connection, but once you put 2 and 2 together, you find the bigger picture.
Bitcoin has forced change :
Since Bitcoin has become more popular, we have seen a lot of new innovative changes being developed in the traditional financial system.
Some NEW payment methods like :
And a lot more innovative alternatives comes to mind...
Did Bitcoin facilitate this change or did we force this change? My money says, we helped it's early release.
Indirectly Bitcoin has open the door to many competing online and mobile payment methods.
The traditional banking system has to keep up, with the changing needs of the global online world and the internet of things.
You will also soon see loyalty scheme's being implemented to attract customers to certain payment methods.
So in summary, even if you are not a huge supporter of crypto currencies or decentralized P2P payment methods, you should consider the impact it has on change.
After all, it does give you a alternative option and the freedom to choose.
Let's give Bitcoin the credit it deserve, as a facilitator for change.
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