Learn How To Mine Bitcoin Cryptocurrency On Mac OS Macbook ...

08-25 21:23 - 'I just started mining with my MacBook Air on Honeyminer, and in 10 hours I've made about $0.21 in BTC. So, the short answer is you're not getting rich using a basic laptop setup... those days are long gone. But by doing thi...' by /u/hiker2mtn removed from /r/Bitcoin within 105-115min

I just started mining with my MacBook Air on Honeyminer, and in 10 hours I've made about $0.21 in BTC. So, the short answer is you're not getting rich using a basic laptop setup... those days are long gone. But by doing this, we're helping secure the system, and stacking a few sats for ourselves in the interim. $0.21 is 2100 sats at a $10k BTC pricing.
Honeyminer automatically decides which coin is most profitable to mine, and uses your CPU & GPU to mine them, then pays you out in BTC. It's a good system, especially for those without the wherewithal to get deep into the technicals of mining.
If you wanna get started, here's my referral code. Helps us both if you use it.
I don't recommend "buying the hashrate" from them, as it's not a profitable investment at this time. In other words, you're predicted to pay more for the server time than you'll earn back over the length of the contract. That may change within the next few days or weeks, however, so keep checking back.
EDIT: On the positive side, a laptop isn't going to set off any alarms for electricity usage, so no one is going to know or give a shit.
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Learn How To Mine Bitcoin Cryptocurrency On Mac OS Macbook, Air/Pro,Windows With Profit Easily

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Learn How To Mine Bitcoin Cryptocurrency On Mac OS Macbook, Air/Pro,Windows With Profit Easily

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Mining on Macbook air /r/Bitcoin

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WaykiChain (WICC) Monthly Report (September 2020)

WaykiChain (WICC) Monthly Report (September 2020)

Technology & Products
Public Chain Development
· WASM AMPL contract debugging (100%)
· Research on WASM zero-knowledge proof anonymous transfer (50%)
· WASM Sushi contract coding (100%)
· WASM RPC iOS asynchronous library commissioning (100%)
· Verification of the signature push public key algorithm and testing its codability (C++, go) through RPC (100%)
· The new lock-up airdrop contract function: lock-up users can claim the unlocked assets by entering RegID (100%)
· Porting ASWAP contract to public chain 3.0, adding platform fee processing (100%)
· Optimization of Yield Farming contract reward distribution (100%)
· Optimization of Yield Farming contract penalty distribution mechanism (100%)
· Yield Farming contract testing (100%)
· Deployment and initial configuration of WICC and WGRT yield farming contracts and Wayki-X contract completed (100%)
· Ownership of issuance and transfer rights of the bottom-level token ROG transferred to Wayki-X contract (100%)
· The initial generation of ROG completed. 10.08M ROG entered the WICC pool, 2.52M ROG entered the WGRT pool (100%)
· The first 189,000 ROG was minted in Wayki-X contract for rewards by inflation (12.6M × 1.5%) (100%)
· Transfer of 70,000 ROG to AEX for Ecosystem Yield Farming completed (100%)
· WASM developer documentation: added detailed WASM table (Simplified Chinese) (100%)
· WASM developer documentation: added call of multiple contracts and multisignature transactions in WASM contract (Simplified Chinese) (100%)
Application Development
· Yield Farming back end API (100%)
· Yield Farming front end page optimization (100%)
· Yield Farming front end localization (100%)
· Yield Farming pre-release initial API docking (100%)
· Yield Farming application testing (100%)
· Yield Farming application release (100%)
· xUSD & ROG added to Instant in WaykiTimes Android (100%)
· Memory leak issue fixed in Instant in WaykiTimes (100%)
· Data loading error when swiping in Discover fixed in WaykiTimes (100%)
· Data display optimized in Getting Started in WaykiTimes
· UI debugging of several pages in WaykiTimes (100%)
· WaykiTimes 3.0.4 released (100%)
· WaykiTimes Help Center released (100%)
· WaykiTimes Getting Started released (100%)
· WaykiTimes remember password function released (100%)
· WaykiTimes iOS App Store version tested (100%)
· Google crash analysis and testing added to WaykiTimes Android (100%)
· Solved the data loading issue when swiping in Wayki-X Synths (100%)
· Wayki-X price feed delay fixed (100%)
· Amount issue in the plug-in wallet fixed (100%)
· Display error of release contract type of universal transactions fixed on the blockchain explorer (100%)
· WASM contract display specifications for the blockchain explorer completed (100%)
· Development of the Coinbase integration project (wicc-rosetta-api) (85%)
Plan for October
Public Chain Development
· Research on WASM zero-knowledge proof anonymous transfer
· Correction of ASWAP contract proof of liquidity token generation rules
· ASWAP contract testing
· Docking of ASWAP contract with third parties
· Continuous updating of coind RPC interface documentation
Application Development
· Trade — transaction details HTML5 page to native page transfer in WaykiTimes
· Development of the Coinbase integration project (wicc-rosetta-api)
International Market
· On September 4, Russian volunteers opened the second WaykiChain Russian group in Telegram: https://t.me/waykichainrussian.
· On September 6, WaykiChain opened the official community in Discord: https://discord.gg/XyAkqa.
· On September 6, WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen was invited to the Blockchain + Innovative Service and Industrial Application Conference and the China Chamber of International Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee Establishment Conference as a member of the expert group.
· On September 11, the famous US blockchain TV program Exploring the Block tweeted about WaykiChain, showing it is optimistic about the future development of the integrated DeFi ecology of WaykiChain.
· On September 11, the famous business platform Yahoo Finance released WaykiChain project information and announced that WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao gives an interview to NASDAQ MarketSite’s Jane King on September 12.
· At 7:00 PM EDT on September 12, world’s largest financial channel Bloomberg TV reported that WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao was interviewed by Jane King of NASDAQ MarketSite. The interview aired on Fox Business Network at 10:30 PM EDT on September 14.
· On September 12, cryptocurrency Twitter account Crypto Catalog tweeted about WaykiChain, showing it is optimistic about the future development of the integrated DeFi ecology of WaykiChain.
· On September 13, DeFi List added WaykiChain governance token WGRT.
· On September 13, WaykiChain reached market cooperation with the Indian blockchain influencer Gmadvice who started to serve as WaykiChain community manager in India.
· On September 16, WaykiChain released “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC/WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance” on Twitter. Up to September 21, the news hit 2,400+ retweets.
· On September 17, the cryptocurrency influencer DeFi List retweeted “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC/WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance”.
· On September 18, WaykiChain reached strategic market cooperation with the Korean crypto influencer Pantera who will help WaykiChain establish a broad and strong consensus in Korea.
· On September 19, “WaykiChain Dual-pool ROG Yield Farming Korean Group” community established.
· On September 20, the influencer Crypto Wendy retweeted “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC/WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance”.
· On September 21, 130+ Korean media outlets published “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC & WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance”.
· On September 23, WaykiChain co-founder and CEO Gordon Gao was invited to an AMA session with ICO Pantera Group, Korea’s top Telegram group (stats by u/combot), where he shared his insights into DeFi with 4,000+ Korean users and introduced WaykiChain’s ROG Genesis Yield Farming.
· On September 24, WaykiChain tweeted “ROG Genesis Yield Farming FAQ” and “Leave your question/problem toward WaykiTimes/Wayki-X/ROG Genesis Yield Farming in the Google forms below to share 800 WICC Giveaway!”, the number of engagements is 1,500+.
· On September 24, WaykiChain global partner Vincent Lionheart was invited to an AMA session to D’va Community.
· On September 24, The Business Telegraph, Bitcoin Garden, and other media published “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC & WGRT Dual-pool”.
· On September 24, WaykiChain tweeted the ROG Genesis Yield Farming Countdown. The news hit 1,000+ retweets.
· On September 25, ROG Genesis Yield Farming news was the day’s hit in Korea with 5,000+ views on Korean cryptocurrency forums.
National Market
· On September 1, CoinTiger listed WaykiChain governance token WGRT and opened the WGRT/USDT pair. WGRT net buy & hold competition started and the CoinTiger community joined a series of WGRT-themed challenges.
· On September 1, WaykiChain governance token WGRT successfully mapped to Ethereum and ERC-20 WGRT was created. The world’s largest DEX Uniswap officially supported it and listed the WGRT/USDT pair.
· On September 2, WaykiChain Strategic Analyst Jing Tao gave the speech “WGRT Dragon, Fly, Tiger, and Leap: Community Governance Upstart” to the MXC community and distributed 3 gold bars to the event participants.
· On September 7, WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao attended [This Is Coin Coffee] live DeFi contest co-sponsored by Coinka, fogwu.com, and tuoniaox.com. WEDEX founder & CEO, Loopring co-founder Chen Xiaoliang and ChainNews Research Director Pan Zhixiong joined the event.
· On September 9, Gate.io selected WaykiChain governance token WGRT for the Listing Vote. Each voter had a chance to share an airdrop of 420,875.43 WGRT. WGRT passed the voting with 53,293,775 votes and was successfully listed on Gate.io.
· On September 10, WGRT/USDT trading pair and WGRT withdrawals opened on Gate.io.
· On September 10, WaykiChain released WaykiChain Governance Token WGRT Information and Addresses. The team announced that before July 1, 2021, WGRT circulating supply will be strictly controlled at 10% of the total supply, or 2.1 billion.
· On September 9 to 11, WaykiChain was invited to IoT World China & 5G China along with 400+ exhibitors including Huawei, Baidu, and Tencent. WaykiChain demonstrated the integrated public chain DeFi ecosystem that will help China’s digital construction.
· On September 11, WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao was invited to the Bepal community and shared the speech “WaykiChain Governance Token WGRT: Accumulation and Breakout”. WaykiChain airdropped 3,000 WGRT and cash red envelopes to the Bepal community members.
· On September 12, WaykiChain Technology & Development Manager Yuanhang Xiao and Strategy Analyst Jing Tao introduced [New WaykiChain DeFi Product: Decentralized Synthetic Asset Issuance Protocol Wayki-X] in the official WaykiChain yizhibo account. During the live broadcast, WaykiChain distributed pure gold bars and branded gifts to lucky users.
· On September 13, WaykiChain co-founder & CEO Gordon Gao and Overseas Director Qiyuan Mei shared the speech “WaykiChain Opens the Era of Integrated DeFi Public Chains” in the Gate.io live broadcast room. Gate.io CPO Jiuer was the broadcast host. The guests explained WaykiChain’s DeFi strategy and revealed the launch of Yield Farming.
· On September 15, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao and BTC38 co-founder Tianwei Huang held the live stream titled “Eight Questions to Explain DeFi Trends and Opportunities” in yizhibo. The hosts analyzed the status and trends of DeFi, discussed DeFi deployment by public chains and exchanges, and new opportunities in synthetic asset trading. WaykiChain distributed pure gold bars and branded gifts to lucky viewers of the stream.
· On September 16, WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao shared the speech titled “WaykiChain’s Integrated DeFi Ecosystem Layout” as the guest of btcmoney.cc.
· On September 18, Bying community invited WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao to share the speech “New DeFi Opportunity: Phoenix Yield Farming”. WaykiChain held a WICC airdrop for Bying community members.
· On September 18, WaykiChain published the article “No Pre-mining, ICO, or Reserve! WaykiChain Launches Dual-pool Phoenix Yield Farming”.
· On September 19, WaykiChain published the article “Chapter 1. The Financial Innovation of Blockchain Reformation. The Origin, Logic, and Value of WaykiChain ROG” introducing the background of ROG, the operation mechanism of the decentralized synthetic asset system Wayki-X, and the value foundation of ROG in detail.
· On September 23, “No Pre-mining, ICO, or Reserve! WaykiChain ROG Genesis Farming and Early Release Guide” was released across Chinese media.
· On September 24, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao, CTO Richard Chen, and CPO Xi Zhang held a joint live stream on yizhibo explaining the future planning of WaykiChain decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X, ROG, and WaykiChain DeFi in terms of business model, technology, and products. WaykiChain distributed 1 pure gold bar and 6 branded gifts to the lucky stream viewers.
· On September 24, Gate.io and WaykiChain launched the WGRT Investment Competition. The prizes are a BMW G 310 R motorcycle, a 13” MacBook Pro, a 10.2” iPad, 17 pure gold bars and 99,000 WGRT.
· On September 25, various Chinese media released “Wayki-X 101: WaykiChain Decentralized Synthetic Asset Protocol” introducing the functions and mechanism of the decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X and the value of its token ROG in detail.
· On September 25, WaykiChain launched the “Looking for the Genesis Prophet” community event. The winners received 10 branded gifts.
· On September 25, WaykiChain ROG Genesis Yield Farming launched. WICC and WGRT pool quotas (5 million and 25 million, respectively) were full within just one hour.
· On September 25, WaykiChain reached ecosystem partnership with AEX. AEX became the first platform to join ROG Ecosystem Yield Farming.
· On September 25, WaykiChain partnered with Bying wallet. ROG Genesis Yield Farming is available in Bying wallet.
· On September 26, ROG, the main token of WaykiChain’s decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X, was listed on AEX. ROG/USDT trading pair is available.
· On September 26, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao gave lectures “DeFi Financial Principles and Commercial Applications” and “DeFi Industry Panoramic Scan” at The First Offline Practical Training Camp of Hash Power University, Shanghai Station. Participants included Ontology founder Jun Li, Chainlink Labs — China Head Philip Fei, Digital Renaissance Foundation Managing Director Cao Yin, and Waterdrip Capital founding partner Zheng Yushan.
· On September 28, WaykiChain co-founder and CEO Gordon Gao was a guest at Hash Power Knowledge Base Private Meeting, Shenzhen Station where he shared the speech titled “Feasible Ways of DeFi Application Popularization”. Other guests included Ontology founder Jun Li, DeBank founder and CEO Tang Hongbo, and Huobi Research Chief Technical Researcher Tianyuan Ma.
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Move Paper Wallet To Secure Long-Term Solution

Hi, I got into Bitcoin mining a long time ago, eventually sold half my coins and kept half on a paper wallet made from a popular online wallet service. For a few reasons I want to move this to a modern and secure way to store the coins.
My idea is to make a VM on my Macbook in VMware of macOS and keep it virtually "air gapped" by uninstalling the virtual network card and disallowing copy & paste as well as shared folders. On this VM install the Electrum software as the main wallet and generate a new public and private key pair. Export the wallet in encrypted form and store on a NAS as well as AWS S3. Print the mnemonic (12 word backup phrase? I assume Electrum can help with this?) and store in a safe at home. Buy a Ledger Nano X or Nano S and hook up to this air-gapped wallet, so this would basically be a second backup, and could be used to spend the coins without the use of the air-gapped VM.
Then install the Electrum software on my actual Macbook's user-space, import the public key and the private key from the legacy Bitcoin address on the paper wallet (yeah, long-time old paper wallet...) and send all the coins to the air-gapped wallet address, set up as a watch-only address on this Electrum client. Basically use this to empty all the coins from the old legacy address to the new address generated on the air-gapped computer.
Does this sound safe/sane? Am I missing something/is there a better or easier way? Any experience with the Ledger Nano X/S and is it actually trustworthy?
I really appreciate feedback on this. It has been a _looooong_ time and the BTC world has changed a _lot_.
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TIFU by buying a used car and returning thousands of dollars of stolen goods to a rich prick

So this happned a few months ago
A good friend of mine brother was about to be send off to rehab so he no longer needed a car.
I talk to his patents and they agree to sell me the car for only 400$ because I'm a family friend.
It was in pretty rough shape but ran good.
I figured I could fix a few things and make some good money on it.
So I get the car home and start cleaning it. It was one of the most discussing cars I've ever seen but a few hours later it's looking pretty good.
Then I notice that the tire is flat so I inflate it check back a few hours later to see if it's holding air and it's not.
So this being a older honda crv It has a full sized spare on the back with a new tire so I'll just swap it out but my jack can't lift the car high enough because it was a higher suv.
So I go into the trunk and lift up the carpet that has the Jack in it. And I just find a huge black garbage bag.
I open the bag and find a the newest macbook pro top model with the biggest screen, a xbox one x a few bluetooth speakers and some beats headphones.
I was shoked and didn't know what to do. So I load up the laptop and see a name that looks familiar. I go on Facebook and search it and it was a guy that went to my highschool that graduated a few years before me.
I do some stalking on Facebook and see this guy is legit a millionaire or close to it. He has his own company and post screen shots of hundred of thousands invested in stocks and bitcoin and huge commission checks, not to mention his 3 super fancy 60k plus cars.
So me being a nice guy and doing the right thing I send him a message thinking you know maybe he'll be grateful I didn't pawn all his stuff and he'll give me a reward or somthing since he seems to be super wealthy.
Now I didn't wanna get my friends brother in even more trouble then he already was dealing with so I sent a message "hey bought a used car found your laptop and some other things I'll return them to you if you wanna meet up"
He ofc is fast to answer comes over and retrieves all his stuff, pulling up in a brand new Mercedes.
He tells ne somone broke in and stole all this stuff and also took his keys to a ford raptor ( I'm guessing they were planning on literally stealing his truck which btw raptors are like 70k+)
He also tells me there is a open investigation. And ask where I got the car.
I said look man got it from a friends brother, I don't wanna cause any issues with my friend so just take back you're stuff and I hope we can call it even.
The dude says ok. Does not even say thank you then drives off in his car with all the stuff, plus his truck keys which could have been stolen.
Then the next day I have a detective showing up at my house and asking me 500 questions and actually makes me go down to the station treating me like I'm a criminal thinking I did it.
Long story short, I got no thank you, no reward, was treated like a criminal, had to go to the police station multiple times and ultimately had to turn my friends brother in and he got charged.
Oh I only made $400 on the car to btw.
TL;DR by buying a used car, finding thousands of dollars of stolen electronics in the trunk returning it to a millionaire, who didn't even thank me, then being treated like a criminal and losing a friend.
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IMPORTANT: Don't give up on mining! When people first started "Bitcoin" mining they were only making PENNIES and were all mining at a HEAVY loss.

It wasn't until just recently that Bitcoins gained enough value to have made all that mining worth it. And this is years later in most cases.
So, don't just factor today's cost into the equation (unless you have to sell coins to pay electric bill) but remember that the coins you mine today could be worth 10, 100, or even a 1000 times more valuable years down the road.
Just my two coins.
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Macbook Air Question

I have the Macbook Air 2013 model and was wondering if GPU mining would be worth it? Thanks.
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The /r/btc China Dispatch: Episode 9 - F2Pool Becomes the First Chinese Mining Pool to Support Classic… Sort Of

Hello there, /btc, and welcome to another edition of the China Dispatch.
It seems there is hardly a dull moment in Bitcoin-land these days as the Core Team’s now infamous Hong Kong consensus meeting has left not only many smaller Chinese miners expressing dissatisfaction with the approach of Adam Beck, et al., larger pools are now also breaking rank, with F2Pool announcing an unconventional approach to give their miners a voice in - to borrow a phrase from Brian Armstrong - the great Bitcoin “election” of 2016. As previously posted here, F2Pool recently announced on the 8btc forums that they have established an address for miners who wish to include the version number for Bitcoin Classic in their blocks, without actually running a Classic node in the process so as not to “violate the consensus.”
What follows is the original thread containing the announcement, translated from Chinese to English.
Note that this announcement has stirred up a lot of interesting commentary within the Chinese bitcoin community, including an interesting post on Bikeji entitled “Calling on F2Pool to Immediately Stop Using Core Nodes to Broadcast Blocks with Classic Version Numbers!” I plan to have this post as well as additional related content translated and posted by tomorrow around this same time.
Submitted by ralsax (First Mate)
Subject: Are there no Classic pools in China?
I recently saw that there are a couple of pools outside of China. Have any of the big players in China managed to get a Classic pool up and running? Right now those who have hash power have no voting rights while pool operators without any hash power of their own are holding meetings. It seems to me that some people who control hashing power are being used as pawns without so much as an opportunity to choose for themselves.
[Reply #1]
Submitted by macbook-air (Deckhand)
F2Pool Classic Testing: stratum+tcp://stratum.f2xtpool.com:3333
[Reply #2]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
It looks like you’re using a new account. Could you please go to bitcointalk and post within the F2Pool thread to confirm that you’re the leader of F2Pool?
[Reply #3]
Submitted by macbook-air (Deckhand)
[In English:] Believe it, or Not
[Reply #4]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
I hope that you’re the actual leader of the pool, since that would make me very happy personally.
I just want to carefully vet this information before I announce it elsewhere, since I can’t find any other information regarding your testing on any of the other forums.
You don’t need to use a snarky line like “believe it or not.” Your words and actions represent F2Pool.
[Reply #5]
Submitted by macbook-air (Deckhand)
[In English:] Believe it or not is the name of a museum. http://www.ripleys.com/ [Translator’s note: it seems that macbook-air was not trying to be snarky, in the “you can believe it or not, I don’t care” sense, but more irreverent in the “believe it or not, we’re doing this awesome thing” sense.]
[Reply #6]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
Peoplma on Reddit was able to confirm your information via the F2Pool dashboard.
Thanks to Shenyu for providing miners with the freedom to make their own choices.
[*Reply #7]
Submitted by Ma_Ya (Captain)
This is only a test rather than official support.
Look at the domain name: f2xtpool.com
F2Pool’s domain name is http://f2pool.com.
That is to say they’re drawing a parallel between Classic and XT and we all know what happened to XT.
It’s also important to note that they’re actually running version 0.12.0 of Core, while writing in the Classic version number for version voting purposes. That is, fundamentally this is only a voting mechanism rather than real support.
I imagine that when Classic votes begin to approach 75%, F2Pool will probably no longer continue their strategy of running Core just as a means of voting for classic blocks, in order to avoid falsely activating the hard fork.
F2Pool has already pledged that they will not run Classic, and in fact they continue to make good on that promise, but they never promised that they wouldn’t vote for Classic.
In general you run Core to vote for Core and you run Classic to vote for Classic.
On the other hand, F2Pool is running Core while voting for Classic. F2Pool really is clever. There’s a reason that they are the biggest pool in terms of hashpower without having any hashpower of their own.
[Reply #8]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
Maybe Chinese people are too used to “being represented.”
Why is it that everything has to be decided by someone else, by letting others represent you at some meeting and then decide your consensus?
Smaller Chinese miners need to unite and demand that some of the large pools provide Classic ports so that users are free to choose and can vote with their feet.
Otherwise pools are doing nothing more than treating smaller miners’ hashpower as their own, and once a Classic pool becomes available they will be abandoned by their users.
Do the pool owners really think they are some kind of People’s Congress? Just because you signed a consensus statement doesn’t mean that all your pool’s users would have been willing to sign.
[Reply #9]
Submitted by DogeCoin-Keeper (Pirate King)
That’s just the way it is. Chinese people are just like that at the genetic level. Actually I think that the BTC system and our current financial system are basically the same: in both cases you have a minority of people representing the majority and the minority decide the direction of the majority based on their own interests. I’m quickly losing faith in this kind of system.
[Reply #10]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
I actually feel exactly the opposite. I am committed to Bitcoin exactly because I have seen how it is capable of disrupting the current system whereby the few decide the fate of the many.
I am also Chinese and it was only after being exposed to Bitcoin that I began to slowly change and understand that there is nobody out there who will look after your own interests - in all things you have to make decisions and take action for yourself.
Pools are slowly starting to provide miners with the option of freely choosing which version to mine on.
We are already entering an era where miners make judgements on their own, vote based on their own hashpower and decide the fate of the industry into which they have personally invested.
[Reply #11]
Submitted by DogeCoin-Keeper (Pirate King)
Just look how these developers act and then look at how capricious the pools are. It’s totally ridiculous and no different than the CCP’s Development and Reform Commission.
What use is it to have the miners vote? It’s useless if the users don’t buy their coins.
[Reply #12]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
Obviously miners will have to determine for themselves what version they should mine in order to have the most buyers of their coins. Everything will be fine as long as at least 51% of the miners are not stupid.
[Reply #13]
Submitted by ALL-IN (First Mate)
If the pools don’t give the miners a say or a choice then four years down the line they will pay for their shortsightedness.
[Reply #14]
Submitted by ralsax
This is an opportunity for new pools and smaller pools. Those who react adeptly will gain market share.
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How to be involved with Bitcoin (on the tech side, not on the money side)?

I love Bitcoin! I love the technology behind it and I spend hours watching at blocks, transactions, stats on the blockchain, etc.
Sure, if Bitcoin keeps on going up in price I will be happy, but i am way more excited about the technology than about Bitcoin’s value on the exchange platforms.
How can I be involved more with the technology? I can’t code and I have only a MacBook Air.
Would it be a good idea to install Bitcoin Core and get an external HDD to run a node?
Is there any way to mine (even if I make Bitcoin dust) with my Mac? What about cloud mining?
Any other ways to be involved with Bitcoin?
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Wanna Build a Hybrid Value/Performance PC? No Budget; Preferably $900-$1,700 PLS Help!

Wanna Build a Hybrid Value/Performance PC? PLS Help!
Ok so, I have never built a PC and have a relative baseline of knowledge on computer parts. I’ve been learning about specs, different parts, and how pc’s can be specifically built for specific purposes over the past 3 weeks. So if you do want to help, know that I’m not ENTIRELY clueless, and that I’m not here to waste your time.
With that being said, let’s get into it.
I’m looking to build a pc.
I have a 2013 Macbook Air. Base model, but with 256gb of ssd.
The Laptop isn’t exactly satisfying my needs anymore, and so here I am.
What I will use this pc for:
I’m going to be browsing and streaming video with up to 100 tabs open at once.
I’ll be gaming playing 1st/3rd person shooters (Battlefield, PUBG) and LoL. I might get into strategy games like Ashes or Civ 6; maybe action/adventure as well. Idk yet.
I MIGHT have some LIGHT content creation (Youtube), but honestly I will probably be too lazy and time consumed to waste energy here. W Sony Vegas
I will most likely have multiple browsers and tabs open and gaming at the same time.
I will probably also be using 2 monitors at a time as well (Multi-display is preferable)
Wifi Compatibility - I’m in the other corner of my parents’ house and won’t move out for a year or so. So this is a MUST HAVE. Period.
Value (I seriously do not want to waste my money. I need bang for buck. MIND YOU, I am also willing to spend it if the value is there.) This is also a MUST HAVE. Btw I don’t give a shit about rbg or color schemes. lol let’s build a sleeper….
Preferred Specs:
Value - I have come to find over the past 3 weeks that I care for this A LOT. I have no budget, but don’t want to spend more than $1,500 - $1,800 on the PC alone. Only the PC. Doesn’t include Monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, ect.
Longevity - I want to get a good, Upper-mid tier pc that won’t need GPU or CPU Upgrading for 4-6 years.
Solid Graphics - I am not going to buy any processor with lesser power than a Geforce GTX 1060. The 1060 and 980 are as low as I’ll go. Right now I’m looking at a 1070 or 1070 Ti, maybe a 1080, probably not a 1080 Ti.
Upper Class CPU - I don’t care if it’s AMD or Intel. Ryzen is SLIGHTLY better with content creation and is slightly cheaper, but remember, I’m here for Gaming. I’m more than fine with intel if i get more bang for buck. Currently looking at Ryzen 5 2600X. I’M OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS AND BETTER VALUE OPTIONS!
Ram - I hate to shovel out money here, but i will. DDR4 8GB @2400 Min 16GB Max
SSD - Currently Looking at a Samsung Evo 850 (I think, can’t remember)
Motherboard - I will probably be upgrading this PC overtime, So I kind of want a mid-tier Motherboard that can support future upgrades
Compatability - No shit. Need a compatible motherboard and compatable parts
Additional Air Fan(s) - I want my pc cool man…. Not spending money here
Monitor - At least 144hz, lower input latency, 1080p is fine. I don’t need 1440 or higher. I know this also plays into what the CPU and GPU are capable of. I don’t care for curved or wide monitors either. Don’t care.
Power Supply: 650W Gold 550W Gold might be fine though. I’m not planning on overclocking, but if I become interested over the years, I’ll just upgrade this.
Cable Management - Who doesn't want this nowadays?
Non-Preferred Specs:
Liquid Cooling - I will upgrade to this over time
Customized Case - Eh. Take it or leave it. I won’t spend more than $100 here.
Hard Drive - I don’t care really. 1Tb, 2TB, 3TB. I actually bought a 2TB HDD that has never been used for my PS4, so if I can use that for the PC then cool. I might have to look that up, or get informed. I assume it’s possible and easy.
RGB - Idc
GSYNC/FreeSync - Eh, yeah this is nice when playing Shooters, but it costs too much extra for such a minuscule impact
Sound Card - LMAO. Don’t Bother
Headset - Have one
Mouse - Have a Corsair MMO mouse. IDK what it’s called. Cost about $55
(Gaming) Chair - Not necessary and I have one anyways
Yes, I have left some components out.
So in the end, Im looking for either a budget option between $700-$1,200 or just a solid gaming PC between $1,200-$1,700.
I’ve tried going to local stores, but i’ve been getting quoted $200-$500 just to build the pc, which is absurd.
I’ve also looked into Pre-built Pcs because of bitcoin and precious metal mining racking up GPU and Ram Prices.
If you’re interested here are the PC’s I’ve been looking at and semi-decent pricing:
  1. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpower-desktop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-2tb-hard-drive-240gb-solid-state-drive-black/6242900.p?skuId=6242900SKU: 6242900
  2. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-8gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-1tb-hard-drive-120gb-solid-state-drive-white/6204026.p?skuId=6204026SKU: 6204026
  3. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-master-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-120gb-ssd-1tb-hard-drive-white/5848608.p?skuId=5848608SKU: 5848608 The Specs and pricing for this pc are nearly perfect for me, BUT no WiFi compatability. RIP.
  4. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-master-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-240gb-ssd-2tb-hard-drive-black/5848611.p?skuId=5848611SKU: 5848611
  5. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-desktop-amd-ryzen-7-series-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-ti-240gb-solid-state-drive-2tb-hard-drive-black/6155211.p?skuId=6155211SKU: 6155211
  6. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-desktop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-ti-240gb-solid-state-drive-3tb-hard-drive-black/6155207.p?skuId=6155207SKU: 6155207 This PC seems like less bang for buck, and Im not as big of a fan because of that.
So yeah that’s where I am. I can currently build a PC like #4 for around $1300 Brand new, even though I have no fucking clue as to what I’m doing, Which would save about $100-$130.
On a side note:
Im currently thinking about building a value pc for $700-$900 as an entry level pc, and then building a stronger one over the years.
I also would love for my Pc to be mobile given my current living situation.
With those two things being said, Would a Mini PC be a decent option?
NOW, Keep In mind I’m Playing League with a 2013 MacBook Air @ 25-35 FPS Average going as low as 6FPS (Yes…Fucking Six…) with Constant App crashes on a BLAZING Intel HD 5000 GPU, 1.3GHz Intel Core I5-4250U, and 4MB DDR3 @1,600Mhz of Ram.
Kill me…..
I’m Looking at these currently:
https://store.zotac.com/magnus-en1060-plus-i3-zbox-en1060-p-u-i3Magnus EN1060 PLUS I3 SKU: ZBOX-EN1060-P-U-I3
https://store.zotac.com/magnus-en1060k-zbox-en1060k-u Magnus EN1060K SKU: ZBOX-EN1060K-U
At first glance I thought they looked like shit, but I can take them anywhere, and are cheaper than buying a laptop with the same specs.
To Wrap It Up:
Is it worth it to buy a pre-built with the market conditions? Is it worth it to buy a budget Mini-PC given my living conditions and Lifestyle? (I’m always going over to friends’ dorms and apartments for the weekend as well. I forgot to mention that)
Or do you guys wanna help craft a VALUE gaming pc capping out at $1,700? That sounds like the most fun to me personally.
PLEASE HELP! I’m easy to work with and will POUR over any information you guys give me. I Love to learn, I take spending my money seriously, and I need some serious help here. Maybe you guys could school me on what to look for when comparing CPUs as well. I’ve noticed that base speeds aren’t everything, but cores and threads aren’t always everything either.
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Non-Psychic, Wild-Guess Predictions for 2015

The current top post on failed psychic predictions of 2014 gave me an idea: since we are just as likely to be successful in our predictions (in fact, I'd argue we have a better chance simply through sheer cynicism), why not put together a bunch of skeptical predictions for 2015 and see how we do by comparison?
It won't prove anything of course, but it would be amusing if overall we turned out to be more accurate than the self-proclaimed "legitimate psychics".
Be as specific or general as you like, but remember that specific predictions are always more impressive when they hit, and no one will remember your misses.
To show willing, I'll start off with a handful of my own for your amusement and/or ridicule. The categories are arbitrary and should not be seen as a limiting factor for your own submissions.
Without further ado...

ramblingnonsense's Non-Psychic Predictions for 2015

World events

  1. Edward Snowden will leave Russia briefly, prompting lots of speculation about his location and whether he's been taken into US custody. He will return to Russian unharmed. The purpose of his excursion will not be revealed, but it will be generally assumed he was meeting family.
  2. ISIS will lose more territory, but the brutality of their individual acts will increase. Truly horrible things (worse than the beheadings) will be filmed and broadcast to the world, prompting universal outrage and condemnation, even by some of its own members.
  3. Europeans and others attempting to return home after fighting for ISIS or other terror groups will be denied re-entry to their home countries. This will result in a new group of stateless people and an international civil rights debate. There will be accusations that nations are simply revoking citizenship of "undesirables", regardless of their affiliation with terrorism.
  4. Random hostage events like the the one currently happening in Sydney will occur several more times in Western nations. It will be harder to tie them to a central organization as radicals increasingly and independently undertake copy-cat attacks.
  5. Multiple non-binding UN resolutions will be brought against the USA for everything from human rights infringements to the spying debacle. No actual action will be taken.
  6. Israel will continue to harden its line against the Palestinians with no end in sight. No actual invasion this year, though.
  7. The tide will turn against Ebola in Africa this year as a vaccine becomes viable and is accelerated through the testing process. Unfortunately, actually getting the vaccine distributed will be difficult, as distrust of Western doctors continues to fill the affected areas. There will be a few more sporadic cases outside of Africa but no recorded cases of human transmission outside the worst-hit regions.


  1. Outbreaks of disease previously squelched by vaccination will finally prompt a backlash against "philosophical exemptions" and other such nonsense, but not much progress will be made due to political deadlock at the state and federal level.
  2. Speaking of deadlock, the new congress will (against all odds) manage to be less even productive than the current one, passing almost nothing for the entire year. The US government will teeter on the edge of shutdown almost monthly due to radical rightwing politicians in the House. Ratings agencies will threaten to download the US's credit rating again as the majority party attempts to extract more and more concessions on every passed bill.
  3. A prominent anti-gay US political figure will become embroiled in a sex scandal. He will be pressured to resign his position, but will refuse after attending a pray-the-gay-away program and claiming to be "cured". Accusations of bigotry will fly not at him, but at those who urged him to resign.
  4. Lawsuits over fracking and environmental damage will multiply. Extraction companies will pull out of some areas due to the the dropping/stagnation of oil prices, but this will be blamed on anti-fracking lawsuits. Bills will be proposed at the state and federal level to prevent and/or complicate lawsuits against fracking operations.
  5. US environmental initiatives will go nowhere as their funding is yanked.


  1. Bethesda Studio's next major release (almost certainly Fallout 4) will be announced, along with an abandonment of the Creation engine. Speculation will run rampant about whether or not the game will be moddable as their past games were.
  2. SpaceX will suffer a major catastrophic malfunction resulting in loss of equipment, but not life. Their response to this will only increase their credibility, however, as the investigation is made entirely under the public eye.
  3. Bitcoin will see a huge boost in usage and value in the first quarter. This will necessitate a change in the algorithm to allow for more transactions per second. Unfortunately this change will not be a smooth one, as large mining operations will be slow to upgrade and fears of a blockchain fork run rampant. After a brief crash, the value will regain its first-quarter levels and continue slowly rising over the rest of the year.
  4. The inner workings of the Stingray cell tower spoofer will finally be revealed in court. This will not change how it is used, but it will become clear to even the dullest criminal that cell phones cannot be trusted as secure devices.
  5. Virtual Reality will finally live up to the hype it generated in the 1990s, thanks to the release of several affordable VR devices and oddball things like Google Cardboard.
  6. Apple will release an enormous iPad tablet. The big selling point will be split-screen multitasking. The tech world will yawn, but the consumer market will go ice cold thick banana whips over things like being able to drag-and-drop photos into Facebook. A retina-display Macbook Air will also be announced. The iWatch will be a moderate hit, but will compare unfavorably to similar devices running Android.
  7. Microsoft will release Windows 10 in early October. Uptake will be slow, but faster than it was for Windows 8. Businesses, however, will continue to rely on Windows 7.
  8. Google will be largely focused inward and have a fairly quiet year. A point release for Android L will make its way out, but the changes will be incremental.
  9. Neither Apple nor Google will waver on their device encryption stance. Various spy agencies world-wide will make increasingly improbably claims about how dangerous encryption is.
  10. New Horizons will send back lots of awesome pictures of Pluto and Charon, despite a transmission problem that slightly reduces its bandwidth and an antenna-aiming mishap. There will be a peculiar object or feature visible near the terminator on Pluto that defies our understanding of planetary formation. Explanations will range from extraterrestrials to secret bases built by Atlantis, but ultimately it will be determined to be one of the largest geological features in the solar system, formed by processes not yet understood.
  11. The site that eventually kills Reddit will make its first appearance this year, but won't actually start to make waves until well into 2016.


  1. Another hack of celebrity nudes on the order of "the Fappening" will occur, but the media response will be quite different. It will become clear the leaks were facilitated by poor individual security, rather than being the fault of "the cloud". A minor backlash against "the cloud" will nevertheless ensue, as everyone goes and turns off their auto-backups.
  2. Noodle bars. Noodle bars everywhere.
  3. Jerry Lewis will survive the year.
  4. A previously unknown musician on Soundcloud will suddenly be noticed and the ensuing viral media storm will elevate them to being a household name. This same process will be repeated for another artist later in the year, but it will be revealed as a record studio campaign attempting to recreate the previous artist's success. This will result in a predicable (but dramatic) PR backfire.
Well, that's it. Sorry if a lot of these seem like downers, I don't have much faith in humanity just at the moment. Know the awesome thing, though? Your predictions are just as good as mine! Don't like 'em? Do better! I want to hear your predictions, so post away!
Let's show those psychics what for!
Edit: Added a prediction about Ebola that I forgot to put in the first time.
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Am I the victim of bitcoin mining malware?

I've noticed recently that my computer, a Macbook Air, is pretty slow, runs hot, and seems to always be running out of memory. So I tried running a program called Disk Inventory X, and it found 6.7 gb of "bitcoin"-related content that I truly don't understand. Here's a picture.
My experience with Bitcoin is limited; I have a little bit stored in a wallet on my phone and Macbook Air. I certainly have no other recollection of installing any mining software or anything. Can anyone explain what's going on? Is this malware that mines bitcoins?
Sincere thanks, and apologies if this isn't the right use of this subreddit.
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How Bitcoin Saved My Life

This is a story of how Bitcoin saved my life from severe stress and grave danger.
This is not a fictional story. This is a true story. It's my story.
First things first. I'm from India. Things are a bit different in India than in the world.
There is this demonetization move in the November of 2016. On 8th November 2016, the Government of India announced the demonetisation of all ₹500 and ₹1,000 banknotes. People were given a month's time to exchange the old notes for new in the banks. But, the source of the money has to be provided at the time of exchange. The motive of this move is to curb black money.
I stay with my parents and they've deposited some money in my bank account. Remember, the money is theirs, not mine. Which means I had to return the money at some point in time, in the very near future. In the next few days, I've spent some of the money deposited in my account with my parents' consent. With fully their consent.
[Fast Forward Six Months] May 2017: The money is still in my bank account. I had graduated in Bachelor's Degree majoring in Electronics & Communication Engineering. And I was jobless. I'm in search of a job. Everything went well until May.
June 2017: I've heard of Bitcoin and bought 0.01079054BTC from Unocoin (www.unocoin.com), one of the biggest Bitcoin service providers in India.
Days go on. I've started spending some of the money deposited in my bank account for my personal uses; Like mobile recharges, at the restaurants, movies, web hosting, domains, and more (Forgot to tell you, I'm a blogger and a programmer). By the way, I'm spending every penny without my parents' consent. So, at anytime, they can ask me to give back their money. I started fearing. I'm skipping the "Money" talk every time at home. I'm skipping every situation at home that involves money. I tried very hard to earn money online to pay them back. Told you that I'm a blogger. Here is my blog address: www.dustmoon.com. I couldn't put enough effort to make some good money online. It was totally my mistake.
Days pass by but not even a single penny through my blog. Things are getting really bad. Bitcoin's on the rise. It's rising all the through the days. I started to feel better. Just a bit.
August 2017: One of my most trusted friends promised a job and I had to pay some charges to the consultation company in return. I'm paying to the consulting company, not to my friend; I thought. I paid a good sum expecting to get a good job. I thought I could pay back my parents from the salary I earn from my job.
But God has different plans.
Very nasty plans. No one would expect things to go that crazy.
[The Next Day After I Paid My Friend] I called him over the phone. No response. He is not attempting my call. Assumed he was busy. I sensed no bad. Called him the same night. No response this time too. Again, I thought he was asleep.
The next morning I met him at the roadside. I asked him about the status of the job. Now here is where the things went crazy. "What job?", he asked. I thought he's joking. But his face was too serious to be joking. No way one could act like that. Not even the Oscar winner, Leonardo DiCaprio.
I can't believe what's happening. I was angry and pulled him by his collar. He just pushed me back and left the place on his bike. I was cheated. I was betrayed by the person whom I thought would never do such a thing to me. Later that day I tried calling him several times over the phone. No response and switched off, later.
At this point, I can't proceed legally. Because, if I complain at the local Police Station, my parents would get to know about the matter. I called another friend of mine and explained the situation. He's puzzled.
The only way I could pay back my parents is to work somewhere. Being a graduate in a technical subject, my parents wouldn't allow me to work as a customer executive or in a job that doesn't require any technical expertise. I started applying for companies. Software companies. No positive response yet. Searching for a job. Searching and still searching. Wait for the big moment.
September: I use Cloudflare for my blog. One day, they sent me an email asking me to apply for a Google program. If accepted into that program, I may receive Google Cloud credits. I made some plans for the big party. But I strongly believed that I wouldn't be accepted. But no, I was accepted.
Now I have $3000 Google Cloud credits.
I executed the plans. NiceHash and 8 x Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs. The resultant is a giant beast with an incredible computing power. You know what I did with such a mammoth computer. Bitcoin mining. Yes, it was that simple. NiceHash made things easy. I just exhausted all my Cloud credits. Got some good amount of Bitcoins. All safe and sound in my Unocoin wallet. Still not enough. Still a long way to the target amount.
[Fast Forward Two Months] Early-December: No job yet. But the only good thing is, Bitcoin's on the rise. Kept rising. A sharp rise. Somewhere, I'm feeling like Bitcoin may come to my rescue. My blog isn't running well. I had an Apple MacBook Air and started learning iOS Development. Personally, I'm a fan of Apple products.
Present: "LUCK Factor" comes to me once again. Again, Google. The Google Cloud platform has USD as their default billing currency until mid-December. After that, they've added INR as the default currency for my region. Here is the best that could have ever happened to me. There's a BUG. Bugs in software are very common but they will cost a lot. Very good bug to me.
There's a bug in Google Cloud's billing system. Remember? I told that I've exhausted all my credits. But due to the bug, I was once again given the credits. And they're ₹1,96,282 in my local currency.
Big plans again. But this time, not Bitcoin but Ethereum. Ethereum mining is more profitable. Booted up beast once again. 8 x Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs running Ubuntu 16.04. More powerful and more efficient this time. Pool: ethermine.org. I got unexpected results. Mining was extremely powerful and highly profitable.
I've made much more money than I actually need. Lots of money. No debt. So, I placed a withdrawal request for only the amount to cover by debt.
Revelation: THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. This story is a result of month's hard work; I THANK SRI RAM FOR THE EDITS. THANKS FOR READING!
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New Shibe here, have read the guides but still need some help getting started.

I've been lurking this subreddit for a couple weeks now and have decided to nut up and get started. I'm completely new to cryptocurrency so I'm totally lost.
I just downloaded a Dogecoin wallet but have no idea what it's connected to. I've read the starters guides but have no idea if I can receive tips on this subreddit or not.
I want to mine but I have a MacBook Air. The starters guide said it wouldn't be worth the time to mine on my laptop.
So, now my only option is to buy Dogecoin. Do you guys have any suggestions as to where I should do that? I've heard of doing that on Cryptsy, but I would rather just buy Dogecoin with USD instead of having to go through Bitcoin (Which I think I would have to do if I were to go through Cryptsy?).
Finally, once I buy Dogecoin, how do I know that it goes into my wallet? Also, if you guys want to sell me some of your Dogecoin, I would love to buy it. I want to start commenting and tipping.
Thanks, I really appreciate it, and TO THE MOON!
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CPU Mining on Mac?

I currently have a 2011 macbook air (1.6 Ghz i5 and Intel HD Graphics 3000), and wanted to mine. On bitcoins, I couldn't mine on my graphics card, but somehow set up the mining to work on my cpu. Is there some way I can set up dogecoin mining on my cpu on my mac? I simply can't find information anywhere, other than I found that cgminer dropped support for cpu mining earlier this year.
To the moon!!
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Musings of a 24hr old Shibe (Shibe DOB: 5/8/14, 8:30am EST). To the moon!

I wandered over here from /space yesterday. I want to go to the moon! A competition for a lunar iditarod is still such awesome.
I've fiddled with bitcoin and litecoin in the past...but...such yawn. I never got past setting up a wallet. And I like math, cryptography, and computer esoterica.
The doge community is such fun. In 24 hours, I made a wallet, sipped from a fountain for my first doge, begged for a few more doge to see how the tip bot works, found a good mining pool, and now have a little cache of dogecoin. Much enjoy!
My next step is a script that automatically encrypts my wallet with truecrypt and copies it over to dropbox every time I get a transaction (now, do I keep my wallet on my gaming PC or my shiny new macbook air.....)
I made a personal rule not to buy dogecoins with USD and not to sell my dogecoins for USD. Less fun. Investment boring (and I'm spectacularly bad at it). Doge fun! I'll probably donate my doge after the novelty of seeing my balance going up wears off. Any suggestions for a wallet that doesn't constantly tell me how much my dogecoin is worth in USD?
My secret hope is that my computer finds a block! (is block the right word?) I know I won't get any extra doge, but it would be fun!
Finally, any suggestions for neat tools either a) to use or b) to try and develop? I'm studying for a huge test...please need much distraction!
TL;DR: Much excited! Fun Space! Woof?
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Can someone explain this to me?

Total noob at this here, i have no backround in computers at all. Would I be able to mine litwcoins? i found out about them when trying to understand bitcoins, but i guess for bitcoins you need a crazy powerful computer to do so. I have a macbook air, would I be able to make litecoins?
I'm not a troll, im just a guy who can't sleep at 2:30 in the morning. please don't laugh at me
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Very new to Dogecoin, but also new to reddit =(

I only recently started going to reddit for the montage parodies subreddit, but still never had an account. but today... i have spent the past few hours reading about cryptocurrensy, and really liking the dogecoin feel. how awesome this exists. I was aware of bitcoin and thought I understood it couple years ago, but I have come to the conclusion, once I graduated from school, my laptop usage became little to none, which also super cut back on my net surfing. blah! i have missed out on so much. but anyways... my username is "based doge" spelled backwords. #tybg. i believe i have the dogetipbot set up correctly. i wish i didnt have this tiny macbook air, would def try to mine
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Tales of IT converted to plain text for the sake of legibility

I got hired by my Dad to do IT. I know very little about IT besides games. These are my IT stories. be first day
 > woman asks me if I can install the latest version of adobe reader > fuck ya I got this DL like a boss > "Wow you're like a computer expert" > "Well you know..." > Asked to input admin credentials > forget admin credentials > try admin:password > nope.jpg > "uhhhh... uhhhh... oh crap somethings going on with the server.. be right back" > 3 months later she still doesn't have adobe reader 
be day 2
 > angry guy is on the phone asking me about some weird in house program > have no idea what the fuck he's saying > there's a pause > he's waiting for an answer > think back to the IT crowd > "Have you tried turning it on and off again" > "Like restarting" > "Give me a sec..." > it fucking worked 
day 3
 > hot sales rep comes in with laptop issues > she's 9/10 cougar > all flirty with me > tells me she needs something updated > can only hear her boobs > her laptop smells like strawberrys > download adobe reader for her and hand it back 
day 4
 > figure out how to turn off the servers > when people start asking for help > go into server room > turn off servers > come out oblivious and start downloading adobe reader > eventually people start screaming > THE SITES DOWN! THE SITES DOWN! > "I'm on it!" > run back to the server room > play hotline miami in the back for few hours > turn server back on near end of day > come out of server room > wipe brow from face > "I did it..." > people are singing my praises saying i saved the day > really just saved the girlfriend in HM 
day 5
 > run into cougar at coffee machine > ask her how things are going, just a general statement > instantly thinks im talking shop > starts telling me all the shit wrong with her computer > she doesn't see me as a human > she sees me as an it > tell her to drop off her laptop > she does > I upgrade her ie > download adobe reader > restart the machine > everythings fucking working > run it back to her > fix my hair > check my breath > act like I saved the day > she's in her office on the phone > she motions to put on her desk >1 do...kind of linger > "Is that everything hun?" > leave > hear her say "oh it was just IT" > just IT > that is all I am now 
day 6
 > really bored > decide to download a gameboy emulator and play some pokemon > the webfilters blocking it so I turn it off the whole thing I dont just whitelist it, I turn it all off > get to emulator site but now I need to turn off the antivirus > use the admin which I now know to do it... > end up turning off the whole antivirus settings on the server > download my emulator and rom > play my game > guy comes into my office > "I think I caught I virus" > me "gotta catch em all" > by the time I'm facing Misty 4 people have viruses 
day 7
 > same guy that was yelling at me day 2 is yelling at me > he cant remotely log in just as I am about to leave to go home > "Try turning it off then on again then call me back" > go home 
day 8
 > guy call from day 7 calls back > he's pissed > tells me he lost a client because of my stupidity > "shit happens man. I lost to team rocket like 10 minute ago" > "what the fuck are you talking about?" > click 
day 9
 > one of the printers is out of toner > some fat guy tells me to change it > "it's a toner man... can't you change it? I'm working on this huge issue with the server" > was really downloading steam > "it'll take a second... god I have much more important stuff to do... that's why you're here" > sigh and go do it > cant figure out how to fucking open the fucking cartridge door > start hitting it like they do in zoolander > tell the poor mentally challenged guy in the mail room I have a special job for him > he has to hide the magic egg in the chest of Hewlet Packard > go back to my server business > half an hour later the fat guy comes into my office > "What the fuck did you do to the printer?" > "Changed the toner" > He just starts shaking his head and muttering shit > we walk over to it > the mailroom guy jammed the cartridge in the wrong way and actually lodged it in there so half of it is sticking out > the door cant even close > there's black hand prints all over the printer too > Can feel the guy judging me so I just spew bullshit > "Looks to be a probably with the network." > the printer was down for over a month before I figured out we have a printer guy on call 
day 10
 > have to set up projector in the boardroom > cant find a thunderbolt to hdmi cable to hook it up to lazy to go to the store > dont even have a corporate card either > tell the people needing the projector that there's a compatibility issue with macbooks > they use some guys dellbook > the files from the mac end up not running on the dellbook > call me in mid meeting > all these business people staring at me as I am randomly clicking folders as fast as possible to look like I am pro > download adobe reader > double click files > works > "Thanks Anon, you saved me" 
day 11
 > there's a new hire > no one fucking told me anything > get screamed at that theres no computer for this new person > go in back to see if we have any spares > there's a few > but there's also some really old pcs from like the early 90's > boot it up > works > set up new person > everything lags > you open adobe reader? massive fucking lag > send out the computer > "it's the best we've got on short notice" > get like 40 sharepoint tickets the first day from that person > he's a real stickler for help > he ends up quitting the very next week saying he can't work under these conditions 
day 12
 > someones computer crashed > fuuuuuuuuck > set up computer > remember something about profiles being saved on the network > go back to the server room > look at the server rack like a total idiot as I try and figure out in my head how this works > tell the guy all his data is lost and there's nothing I can do > "b-b-bbut my project... i have to present that to the board on friday..." > "gone, man. It's gone" > play sim theme park the rest of the day 
day 13
 > roll up to work an hour late > whole office is in chaos > fallofrome.jpg > "HE'S HERE!" > Go in to my office open up mail > dozens of emails like: > "Hey is there something wrong with the server I can't log in to..." > "Any idea why the site is down I..." > the server is actually down > adobe reader can't save me now > "Just go back there and do what you did last time!" > everyone thinks its an easy solve > literally shaking in the server room because I don't know what to do > nap in server room for entire day > people are pissed can hear them banging on server door > we've missed deadlines > leave at 6:30 pm > the CFO sees me in the parking lot > hes been in a meeting all day doesn't know about my struggles > "You're still here?! That's the kind of can-do attitude I like to see" 
day 14
 > server is still down > my dads asking questions > everyone is pissed > take an early lunch > over hear some guys at the restaurant talking about buying a new modem for the office > hailmary.jpg > "Hey sorry to bother you during your lunch...but would either of you happen to be IT?" > before either of them could read me the riot act and tell me something like how the fuck dare I > I'm IT too > I show them my hand that I scratched up crawling wire on the floor > they nod > "What would you try doing if your server is completely fucked?" > "Have you tried restarting it?" > I go back and restart the physical machine > it fucking works 
day 15
 > hot cougar walks by office looking distressed > "Everything okay?" > "Oh good... I can't log into my email... can you please help me... PLEASE" > "I got you." > get her laptop > re-install microsoft office > outlook works again > poke through her emails to make sure things are working > send a test file > read the titles of her latest emails > "Divorce" > hand back her laptop > "Looks like its working now" > "Thanks..." > "Everything okay?" > "Well..." > this is fucking it, tell me your sob stories cougar woman and then its or > "My mouse is acting a bit funny, can I get a new one" 
day 16
 > one of the mailroom guy's monitors isn't working > it's coming up all green > backstory: there's been a huge misappropriation of funds because I gave him dual monitors just because he's a mentally challenged and I figured if anyone needs 2 screens its him > all he does is look at msn slideshows > and use the fedex webapp or something > he's a nice guy so I actually try and fix it for him > nothings working > think its a driver issue > think its a setting issue > think its an actual hardware issue > whole time people are coming to me with real problems but I keep saying "I'll be there in a minute" > after 2 hours the mailroom guy goes > "maybe da pug ish boken" > I swapped out the hdmi cable with a brand new one > it worked > I officially am less adept at my job then a poor mentally challenged guy 
day 17
 > nice old woman who talks to me about sports tells me her keyboard is shit > she's oldest person in the office by far > old as dirt > tell her I have just the thing > go in the back and unbox a brand new keyboard meant for the programmers > bring it to the old woman > "You're such a helpful young man" > reach down awkwardly to plug in the new keyboard > get back up and dust pants off > old lady looks like she's having a heart attack > look at the screen > it's fucking blank > on my way back up to my feet I hit the power button > she lost 3 hours of work > 3 hours that old woman will never ever see again 
day 18
 > company meeting > we're over budget > there has been ridiculous spending > "we've lost money for almost a month > day 18 > almost a month > they are going to out me > IT budget comes up in discussion > we're one of 2 departments that are coming under budget > "Great job Anon. I heard about the server issues here... you're the man" > at the end of the meeting a 45 year old events planner asks me if I fix computers on the side > "Not really..." > "Oh... I have this one blasted thing that needs fixing. You couldn't just come over and fix it?" > bullshit > for a laugh I say, "yeah it's cool, just give me your address and I'll be over after work" > not sure if I'm getting sex > buy condoms > she's not that hot like a 6/10 tops > not even going to lie > last call kind of hot > arrive at her house > ring the door bell while standing all suave leaned up against the door > her husband answers the door > shows me to the computer > install the latest version of adobe reader > get $20 > go home 
day 19
 > some guy crashes a program so I have to reinput the settings > go onto his cubicle mates computer > check settings > 2 hours later > "You wrecked my computer... I want my fucking computer back exactly how it was I don't know what you did but somethings off my usb drive is buzzing..." > wtf > I didnt do shit to your computer. I checked a program you open 20 times a day > super pissed so I go back into the server room and play Thomas Was None > hear knock on server room door > its the cubtclemate > "Hey, Thanks for fixing it. > "Fixing what?" > "The my usb drive" > I didn't do shit lol > "Oh yeah don't mention it" 
day 20
 > spend entire day cleaning the server room up > getting it all nice > just unplugging network cables wily nifty so I can colour coordinate them > people are losing their shit > they are randomly getting kicked off > tell people there are some issues with our isp > I make sure to say I-S-P as I have now learned by spelling in abbreviations no matter how common makes you sound techy > by the end of the day the server rack is all classy looking > unfortunately I never mapped anything and a handful of people can't connect because their ports aren't connected to anything > tell them the I-S-P will have it done ASAP and go home 
day 21
 > now that the server room is all clean I set up all the test boxes in the back > 8 machines in total all connected to the network > try joining monitors all together like you see on cool threads, you know like the racing ones? > realize these are shit old monitors and you can't do that > come up with the great idea of bitcoin mining with these boxes > set it up for the first half of the day > after lunch I'm mining > terribly but I am mining > people start complaining about server lag > blame the lag on the olympics > suggest that the whole office must be streaming it > ban the olympics on the web filter > office is divided; can see the divide in my email > people who are pissed about not being able to watch the olympics > and the keeners who think its all work and no play at work > I've officially gained power though, people respect me for making this mandate > "He's a real company guy" 
day 22
 > its birthday day > office celebrates all the months birthdays > take cake > set up n64 in the boardroom > challenge people in the office to goldeneye > keep saying "Hey I'm just taking a 5 minute break for some cake want a quick game?" > own the shit out of all of them > realize I did absolutely nothing all day but eat cake and game > no one ever noticed 
day 23
 > cougar calls in from the road > she's having trouble accessing a key app for a client on her ipad > she tells me its name > have no idea what it is > but make sure to sound astute > ask her if she's using WIFI or 3G > "How do I check" > "Nevermind let me check from my maincore system" > google the app but nothing comes up > ask one of the other sales people > "oh it's just an infographic on our main site" > tell the hot cougar to come into the office because it's going to require me to hardcode the changes in > she drives 2 hours to come to the office so I can open up Safari and bookmark it to her ipad homepage 
I'll continue this tomorrow, believe it or not there's an ending to this but I can't get to it today.
day 24
 > people heard from the 45 year old events planner I do house calls > bunch of idiots are bringing in their home computers, mobile devices, anything technical for me to fix > tell people I can only do it after hours and I charge $20 for small stuff and $50 for large. > most of it is simple fixes > windows updates or adobe reader installs fix it > but then I get it > the laptop from hell > this fat indian guy hands me his laptop in a plastic bag, not a laptop bag, a plastic one > "What's wrong with it?" > "You tell me genius" > Load it up and it's asking for some system restore or something. > just hit next and okay > fixes it but it says I need to load chkdisk? > figure that has something to do with the cd drive > open it up > there's a thick fucking layer of bread crumbs in the tray > tilted the machine to its side > motherfucking bread crumbs just pouring out of the laptop > restart the machine > it loads perfectly > turns out the guy was using it as a tray for his morning bagel > fucking toaster laptops 
Hi AV its the IT guy from yesterday
day 25
 > even though I'm shit at IT > one guy thinks because I am IT I am super techy > he asks me what my favourite browser is > "Google.... Ultron" > "it like chrome?" > shit thats what I meant > "yeah...but better...it's what nasa uses" > "cool could you dl that for me?" > gulp > "yeah no worries" > literally start shaking the mouse back and forth so fast you can see the cursor > then ctrl alt deleted into task manager > "there....you go. All done. It looks like google chrome. but its really ultron. no one else can tell." > to this day he still thinks he runs google ultron 
day 26
 > some woman calls me over > "it'll just take a sec, it's super simple" > shit > asks me to hook her up to a new printer > she hops out of her chair and lets me sit down > forget how to add network printers > her and her friend are talking right over my shoulder staring at the screen > "Is this going to take long?" > I fake deep thought as I stare at the screen with one hand on my temple > "Anon? I have a deadline is this going to..." > "What the fuck..." > both of the women are startled > "THERE'S A VIRUS ON THIS MACHINE" > and I just storm off like I'm pissed 
day 27
 > learn about a remote access tool that the whole office uses > decide to haunt the old nice old lady from before > i randomly move the mouse for a few hours > she struggles to do basic tasks > she comes and asks me for a new mouse > oblige her > hook it up and leave > look back at remote tool > mouse is moving again, she opens up word > I begin to type > "Hi" > no response > "Hi > "Hello? Who is this?" > "It's death :(" 
day 28
 > a guy asks me to burn him a copy of a dvd for a presentation > holy fuck I know how to do that > burn it for him > march back down to his office, proudly holding the dvd high in the air > Woman tries to stop me "Hey can you..." > "Not now... I've got IT business to attend to" > hand the guy his burned dvd > this might be one of the first things IVe done right here > tear in my eye > so proud of how far I have come > I am true IT > 5 minutes later I get a call "Hey...yeah there's nothing on the dvd..." 
day 29
 > give new hire her new laptop > nothing is fucking setup right > forgot to hook up her outlook to exchange > no worries she did it herself > cool > she asks me if I can type in the admin credentials so she can dl some social media tool > "Sure" > fuck up the login credentials like 3 times and get locked out > have to unlock it from my machine > can't figure it out but go back because I left my gameboy in her office > she starts making small talk > "So where'd you go to school to become an IT person?" > she's fucking on to me > try logging in once more to admin account > locked out still > "Yeah... you know what? I think this Hootsuite extension is a virus. I don't want that shit on my network" 
day 30
 > here's where shit starts to really hit the fan > as you know i had setup a bitcoin mining rig in the server room > it was just eating up all the bandwidth > the whole network was barely operational > and now because of my ineptitude and blaming things on viruses people started a rumour > that the whole network was being attacked by a rogue hacker group > after lunch I get pulled into a meeting by with all the execs > the jig is up > "As you know we've been experiencing a multitude of issues with our network..." > I'm fucked > "from the lag to the viruses" > so fucked > "We want you to head up the investigation and find out who's doing this and why" > ROFL > I am the fucking dirty cop on the force who's tasked with finding the dirty cop > I am the fucking law 
day 31
 > tell people I'm running server calibrations > "it's like dusting for finger prints" > no one's the wiser > show this one middle aged guy with a beard how to use a webapp > go to favourite it for him and put it on the toolbar > notice all of his favourites > Big titty housewife > Pajama Butt Slut > Mexican girl on bus > mouse over them as I mouth read them > he starts freaking out > begs me not to tell > "Why shouldn't I?" > "Ill buy you lunch" > got 10 chicken nuggets 
day 32
 > for some reason the entire office is having to fill in a captcha every time they google anything > have no idea why this happening > Google ultron guy asks me if this has to do with the virus and if he should be backing up his data > "First. Always back up your data." > he nods to my tech savvy > "Second. It's a security measure INce put in place. There are robots afoot." > he nods again like my word is law 
day 33
 > Ultron guy blabs and tells everyone about google ultron > now everyone in the fucking office has a sharepoint ticket asking for it to be installed > a few of the more competent people are asking me what the fuck google ultron is > I just give them finger guns until they walk away > have to spend entire day going from desktop to desktop pretending to dl google ultron > literally spend 3-4 hours pretending to dl software that nasa uses > one girl asks me if this even legal > "Are you a cop?" > she reports me to HR for "criminal like behaviour > have already explained to HR what google ultron is... > HR thinks its real > HR thinks nasa uses it > HR tells the narc to stop interfering with important technological matters because the narc doesnt know anything about IT like me > doesnt know anything about IT like me 
day 34
 > been playing portal 2 all day in my office > haven't heard so much as a complaint > haven't had to update adobe reader or adobe flash all fucking day > something's not right > no one's said shit about it > poke my head out of the office > everyone's heads down just typing away > starting to get worried > ask a guy how his computer is working > "Great. Ever since you downloaded Google Ultron, my whole computer has just been flying" > wtf > do a quick google search on google chrome > supposedly it automatically downloads the most up to date versions of adobe > omfg > if I don't have fucking adobe reader I'm fucking out of a job > send out mass email > ATTN: do not open google ultron it has been hacked > spend rest of day uninstalling and making IE the default browser 
day 35
 > people are becoming restless with the hackevirus stuff > they wonder why I haven't solved the case yet > some even believe its not a hacktivst group like I've been hinting > "We're not just dealing with amateurs here. We're dealing with the best. And that's why I need to update your antivirus scanner" > just to strike the fear into people I covertly turn on the computer of a person who's sick and stationed right in the middle of one of the larger areas > turn off her monitor > put speakers full > then go back to office and remote in > play Wham's Jitterbug at 3 second intervals throughout the day > eventually people Start coming to my office to report this > I nod > it's worse than I thought > "What? What is it?" > it's the Jitterbug gang. One of the world's best hacking groups" > "I've never heard of them." > "That's why they're the best" 
day 36
 > check messages > local police called > FUUUUCK > need to speak with me since I am IT about recent hacks on our organization > delete message > cougar comes into my office > asks if I can adjust her desktop so the wallpaper changes every couple of minutes > "Sure." > head over there with her > she tells me she's getting a divorce > "Oh." > Says she's actually starting to date again and it's pretty awkward > fuck it > "Wanna maybe grab a beer sometime after work?" > she laughs > "What? I mean why not?" > "You're joking right? You're IT..." > my eyes well up as I stare at adobe prompts me that reader has a new update > "Just gonna download this." 
day 37
 > feeling like shit today > cougar told her sales friends that I tried asking her out > people are laughing behind my back > can hear the whispers > "eww haha IT?!!! ewwwwww" > want to just open up a computer and jump through the moving cpu fan > mean sales guy who usually calls (yeah that one) stops by office > "My laptops not working" > I trudge over to his desk with him > hit the power button for a reset > don't say anything and just walk away > "If that's all you ever do.. Why do we need you?' > turn around > "what?" > "if you only ever just restart my computer... why are we paying you? I can restart my own damn computer" > grin > "Have you ever repaired a server here? Do you know how hard it is to get it operational? Remember how we were down for a day and a half?" > he shakes his head > "That's what I thought." > of course I just restarted it lol 
day 38
 > still feel like shit after the cougar shut me down > decide to block 1 major site on the webfilter every hour > feel like the Joker doing it > first youtube > then ebay > then reddit > hear the moans from people as they read my webfilter note > "This is a place of work not a fun house" > One woman storms into office > "This is not funny...this is serious" > "Why so serious?" I ask her > "I need you to unblock ebay" > lot seriously > "I HAVE AN AUCTION ENDING IN 5 MINUTES!" > put it back on the safe list > but it was too late > she missed out on her cellphone case > mwhahahahaha 
day 39
 > an "investigator" comes to the office > the execs were worried that we had too much to lose and wanted to bring in a professional > I'm fucked > show him around the office > he keeps asking to see the server room > "And this is Carol. She's a riot. Aren't you Carol" > doing everything I can to stall > we go back into the server room > he compliments me on how neat the cables are > think about picking up a monitor and bashing his skull in and then running away to mexico > cant do it > I'm not a monster > I'm IT > the guy goes onto the server > asks me for the login info > figure the jig is up > give it to him > he logs in > opens up IE > looks over his shoulder at me > "You don't need to be here" > "It's fine" > I need to be there when it happens > he literally starts shaking his mouse really quickly around IE clicking on random parts of the screen > I know because a popup for Home depot came up > he starts muttering to himself... "hmmm... hmmm" > watch him type in adobe reader in google > he dl's it > swings his cursor around some more > and then finally goes > "fucking hackers right?" > we are brothers he and I > IT brothers 
day 40
 > wake up and realize how lucky I truly am not to be fired or worse > see cougar girl walking into the office from parking lot > asks me how things are going > I think we finally put an end to the jitterbug gang > "no, I meant... not work stuff' > look at her strangely then smile. > "Oh you know how it is" > she flicks her hair and then laughs > what the fuck? > "Cool. I'm having problems opening a file...can you open it for me hun?" > sigh > "Yeah sure..." > we walk into her office she's being all flirty > click on the sharepoint link of a pdf file > won't open > download adobe reader > while it's loading I ask her what she's planning on doing on the weekend > "I'm going to the mountains with this guy for our first getaway" > stop adobe reader at 80% > walk right out > I am IT 
day 41
 > this hot yoga girl from events comes into my office > her keyboard keeps typing in french > too busy playing Happy bird to care > "so are you going to help me?" > "if things slow down. I've been swamped today" > "I'm going to fucking kill you" > she waggles her glorious yoga butt away > cute girl, and don't even care anymore just want day to fucking end > I hate this fucking job > all I do is get yelled at and download adobe reader > I cant even find the joy in games any more > Dad walks by > sees I'm looking blue > Dad takes me out for lunch > pats me on the shoulder > "I'm so proud of you son." > to date the company is in fucking shambles > and I still am primarily an adobe reader downloader > but I wouldn't change any of it for his very next words > "I love you son." Thanks guys and thanks Dad for the job. :) Don't forget to download your adobe readers guys. 
I didn't make this, I converted it to text from the imgur images and am working on correcting it occasionally.
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Best way to get some skin in the game without mining rig?

The equipment I have is an old eMachines tower that's GPU and CPU won't mine any material amount of dogecoin, along with a MacBook Air -- but obviously that thing is closed and off pretty often, and even that computer won't mine quickly. So my question is, what other options do I have for accruing dogecoin?
Is it possible to get some, sell it at a slight markup, then buy more doge with that money? I'm not primarily in this for monetary purposes or I'd probably go with Litecoin or Bitcoin, but this community seems like a fun way to get into an altcoin and learn more about crypto; having a vested interest (i.e. large amount of dogecoin) just makes it easier to justify spending time on it. Any advice? I hope this question is allowed in here.
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Cryptocurrency Mining Software Tutorial Series 9 - Futurebit Moonlander 2 on macOS High Sierra DE/EN: Bitcoin gegen NULL - Was müsste passieren?  Cryptonight Hamburg Mining Monero on Macbook Air for 24Hours How to Mine Bitcoin on Mac with Honeyminer - YouTube BITCOIN MINER NEW VERSION 2019 free bitcoin mining

If you were to mine Bitcoin on a mid-tier MacBook Pro for 24 hours for an entire month you would only make less than micro-cents worth of bitcoins. Not to mention the wear and tear to your expensive machine and you’ll probably burn your Graphics card before you mine even 0.00001 BTC! Hell you probably wouldn’t mine a single bitcoin in this century! First of all, What in the world is Mining ... credits to zdnet.com Step 1. Create a wallet Create a Bitcoin wallet at BlockChain.info and note your Bitcoin address. You'll need it in step 2. A wallet is used to store your Bitcoin and you can have as many wallets as you want. Remember that sec... Bitcoin minen am Mac: So funktioniert das Mining unter macOS (und warum man damit nicht reich wird). Informationen zu Wallets, Pools und Handelsplätze. Bitcoin maintains a public ledger that includes prior transactions, and mining is the method of attaching new transactions to this ledger. If you were to mine Bitcoin on a MacBook Pro for one day for a whole month you would earn very less worth of bitcoins. Not to mention the damage to your precious machine and you’ll presumably smoke your ... I have a mid-2013 macbook air and wanted to try mining before investing in it. What Currency should I mine? Here are the specs! 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB Thank you! 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB Thank you!

[index] [7435] [12723] [39484] [6412] [970] [25507] [29542] [32302] [9871] [11219]

Cryptocurrency Mining Software Tutorial Series 9 - Futurebit Moonlander 2 on macOS High Sierra

My experience with mining Monero on Macbook Air for 24hours. I was able to make only 11 cents and decided not to mine Monero on Macbook air anymore. This video is all about making money out of thin air. I'll be setting up mining apps on Mac, Windows, with a MacBook, a desktop, and using a graphics card, showing you how much you can earn and ... Website Here : https://bit.ly/2Md0mUK Free Bitcoin Mining Tags: free bitcoin,new free bitcoin cloud mining site 2019,new free bitcoin cloud mining site,free ... This is the 9th mining software setup tutorial for how to setup bfgminer on macOS using Futurebit Moonlander 2. Futurebit Moonlander 2 is the most efficient USB scrypt miner hardware for mining ... In meinen Videos geht es um Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain und Kryptowährungen generell, um Scam, Abzocke und Betrug besonders im Mining keinen Platz zu geben. Ich spreche darüber, wie du schlau ...