[PSA] Fake Cryptsy Investment Scam going on Facebook...

There is a fake BigVern Account that is trying to get people to invest in Cryptsy by PM'ing on Facebook. It seemed very suspicious to me. So I contacted Cryptsy and they confirmed it is a scam. Here is the transcript...
Sunday 8:58pm
BigVern Vern:
We need the average users to hold, they are not doing that because we have so much of an exchange so the BTC is so spread out that it #1 is making our solid volume low , the real money is BTC. Not any other coin to the USD investors eyes, that's all they want to see. We are strictly watched by the better business bureau and in accordance with all United States laws, even if you are over seas you are still a user and operating within these laws here and you will be accommodated as such.
let me know if your interested to be a project investor at 8% a month
Tuesday 10:01pm
BigVern Vern:
We have just changed this to 10%.
We are closing the ledger in 12 hours.
I wanted to invite you to our project investors program on Cryptsy. We are getting temporary investors for the next four months starting today actually for a 10% interest of whatever they guarantee to hold on a ledger. With project investors inc by linking your Cryptsy account to us, this provides us with backing to show USD investors that we have a secure 'solid volume' investor base. As we are trying to start the USD exchange in the next 5 months. If for some reason we cant start it within 4 months you can always continue with the project investors until we do have enough USD investors to start the exchange. Let me know if interested, and please dont tell very many people about it as we are only inviting trusted users / companies / and businesses of bitcoin. The latest we can take you is in the next 12 hours that is when our ledger closes, so the sooner the better! Sorry for late notice.
Jason King: Sorry man. We are a non profit. Can't invest
BigVern Vern: ahh
well I didnt know that part
thanks much
Jason King: No problem. Good luck on funding the round. Cryptsy rocks.
BigVern Vern: Thanks!!
Didnt want to throw your own personal account on it? That is fine too, minimum 1 btc.
If so let me know, thanks again.
::::It was that part that made me extremely suspicious:::
3 hours ago
BigVern Vern: Hey there just wanted to give you a 2nd chance at this, i'm at the table now at the meeting to get this launched did you want in on the project? Stephanie Murphy is a project investor you might know her. Just need username / amount for now to put you on pending list.
I then contacted Stephanie. She had indeed invested. But I told her the cadence of the speech sounded very not-Vern like.
I then contacted Cryptsy support. They said they are aware of this account and had asked for it to be taken down.
Hope they didn't get to many people.
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Welcome to the FLO subreddit! Here you can learn about FLO and its use as a worldwide public record in many blockchain-based applications

FLO: a worldwide public record

What is FLO?
FLO is a cryptocurrency that introduces a worldwide public record for storing information. FLO coins are needed to pay for storage capacity, and coins are issued to reward participants for their work to secure and distribute information.
FLO is used to send payments and store data. This encourages building applications because anyone has the ability to write data into FLO.
How does FLO work?
FLO is a network similar to bitcoin where the open ledger is secured by miners competing to find proof-of-work. FLO has its own ledger, called the FLO blockchain, that can be thought of as a digital public space for storing information.

Release files


Technical Specifications

Block target spacing: 40 seconds
Difficulty retargets every blocks
Block reward: 100 FLO, halving every 800,000 blocks (about 1 year)
Maximum coins: 160 million FLONetwork port: 7312RPC port: 7313

Mining Information

See our mining guide here:

Block explorers


Indacoin Exchange
Coin swap services


Alexandria Rocket Chat
Medium Blog
IRC channel Join #florincoin on
FLO Slack


Notable Partnerships:

California Institute of Technology-
Overstock's tZERO -
Open Index Protocol Working Group- /
Medici Ventures-

Apps running on top of the FLO blockchain:
OIP apps
Open Index Protocol -
Alexandria -
California Institute of Technology -
Medici Ventures -
Block Header -
FLO native apps
Overstock's tZERO -
Shared Secret -
Notarize with Flotorizer -
World Mood -
Aterna Love - -


Official web site
Github links for Alexandria, OIP, Ranchi, and FLO
FLO Foundation
Florincoin and Alexandria presentation @ BitDevs NYC 5/24/17
Florincoin @ CryptoCurrency Convention NYC 4/9/14
Florin article @ bitcoinist
Blockchain bootstrap from!u15HSADT!nstJ67-mKnWZbMPwddeRJoxEnNneS_94yTfLHoeNQyg
FLO market data read from FLO blockchain visualised
The Decentralized Library of Alexandria - San Diego Bitcoin Meetup 08/15
Blocktech Project Alexandria v0.4 alpha Intro and Walkthrough
Alexandria v0.5.1 alpha demo
FLO History
Launched June 17th 2013, the first coin with a metadata field on the blockchain for the purpose of building blockchain applications.
2013 * Jun 17th: FLO released with no pre-mine and no ICO * Jul 9th: Florincoin is the 61st coin added to Cryptsy, the first major altcoin exchange * Sep 9th: Created the first block explorer,, an open source explorer which is later replaced with * Nov 27th: Coordinated with Skyangel on a hard-fork (required update) to increase the transaction comment size to 528 bytes * Dec 10th: Started work on new website * Dec 16th: Songs of Love, a charity for children based in NYC, beings accepting FLO donations to make customized songs for children in need
2014 * Feb 1st: Created the FLO twitter account (Originally @Official_Florin) * Feb 1st: Created a website, Aterna Love, to store valentine's day messages in the blockchain. Those messages still exist today * Feb 12th: Promoted FLO at the bitcoin center in NYC, with interview by Naomi Brockwell * Mar 2nd: Launched new website * Mar 20th: Florincoin subreddit created (originally /florincoin) * Apr 9th: Presentation about Florincoin at the 1st Cryptocurrency Convention at the scholastic auditorium in NYC * Apr 12th: skyangel releases Florin v0.6.5.13, a hard fork at block 426000, causing FLO to start adjusting difficulty every block * Jun 21st: skyangel releases Florin v0.8.7.2, up to date with the latest Litecoin codebase * Jun 22nd: article: exclusive Q&A with Joseph Fiscella * Sep 20th: Alexandria team meets in San Diego to work on the project as a team for the first time * Oct 4th: Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas conference with the Alexandria Booth
2015 * Jan 1st: FLO and Alexandria mentioned in a chapter about blockchain applications in Melanie Swan's book Blockchain: A Blueprint for a New Economy * Mar 3rd: Released the first golang SDK for Florincoin, foundation, on github: - - * Mar 11th: FLO is open for trading on Bittrex * Mar 11th: FLO is open for trading on Poloniex * Apr 17th: Alexandria 0.4 walkthrough video: * Jun 10th: interview with Alexandria * Jun 25th: Alexandria historian is born and begins recording historic data on the blockchain * Jun 29th: VICE article about Alexandria released: Could Cyberwar Cause a Library of Alexandria Event? * Aug 5th: LA times article about Blockchain Technology Group / Alexandria * Sep 24th: CoinTelegraph article about Alexandria * Dec 9th: Alexandria v0.5.1 alpha demo * Dec 16th: Alexandria booth at Inside Bitcoins San Diego
2016 * Mar 25th: FLO released by Bitspill and the Alexandria team, as well as a pool mining historian blocks * Apr 8th: FLO used to store Libertarian Party votes in blockchain * May 3rd: Alexandria meetup in NYC (video URL missing) * Jun 19th: FLO recommended update to latest Litecoin codebase * Nov 27: Alexandria presentation at DAppHack Berlin 2016
2017 * May 15th: FLO meetup in NYC, Telegram channel created * May 25th: FLO/Alexandria presentation lived streamed from BitDevs NYC: * July 12th: Introducing Alexandria and the Open Index Protocol * July 28th: Amy's blog post about the Alexandria team's visit to San Diego * Aug 20th: Valentin Jesse creates a FLO touchbar app for the 2017 MacBookPro * Nov 29th: New logo and new website concept released and revealed to community in the rebranding initiative * Dec 22nd: New website launched: * Dec 22nd: Flotorizer launched at, Medium article written by Davi Ortega describing the creation of a FLO blockchain application as a non-programmer * Dec 24th: FLO Community Update * Dec 31st:, the first blockchain-based implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm, is live (again created by Davi Ortega)
2018 * Jan 13th: Live-streaming FLO dev on * Jan 18th: FLO python SDK released * Jan 18th: FLO added to brainwalletX * Jan 18th: FLO C# SDK released * Feb 23th: FLO partners with YBF Ventures * Mar 20th: FLO releases version 0.15 with segwit support, up-to-date with current Bitcoin and Litecoin codebases: * May 1st: SPV wallet floj is open-sourced by Alexandria and Medici teams * July 17th: FLO summit 2018 held in San Diego * July 26th: Website updated with dapps dashboard
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Will Bitcoin Rise to $8,000? ($BTC/$ETH) Technical Analysis: 12/08/2019!

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